What do we know about Anthony Piliero? FBI Says He Tried to Hire A Mob Hitman

Written By: Robert Cox

Anthony Piliero.jpgThe Journal News is reporting that Anthony Piliero of New Rochelle was arrested at his home this morning and charged in a murder-for-hire scheme.

A quick Google search for “Anthony Piliero New Rochelle” turned up several hits (pardon the pun) which would mean, unfortunately, that he and I went to school together.


Anthony Piliero
Iona Preparatory
New rochelle, NY
Class of 1978

There was a Facebook page which has been recently deleted.

Anna and Anthony Piliero were interviewed by a local television station in Tampa last summer after Piliero’s wife ran an ad on Craiglist complaining about a condo management company in Florida.

How angry is Anna Piliero at Brett and Jenny Hawker? So angry that the New York resident posted a message for all the world to see on “Craig’s List” in which she warned people about the Hawkers’ company, “Condo Management Solutions.”

Ms. Piliero and her husband, Anthony, bought a new condominium at a Tampa development called, “The Pinnacle at Carrollwood,” in 2005. Ms. Piliero says things were fine for about a year after she retained the Hawkers’ services. Then, in Dec. 2007 or Jan. of 2008, Ms. Piliero says Brett Hawker called her to say their tenant was in the hospital and could not pay the rent.

However, we found the tenant, Greg Kelly, at the Piliero’s condominium. He says he was not in the hospital and always paid the rent. The Pilieros’ say the Hawkers owe them about $4600. They now collect their rent directly from Greg Kelly.

Click the video player to the right below to see more from Anna and Anthony Piliero.

I called the news desk at ABC affiliate WFTST-TV in Tampa and gave them a heads up then sent them the links and asked them to let us know if they air another story with any out takes from the original piece which ran last July.

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4 thoughts on “What do we know about Anthony Piliero? FBI Says He Tried to Hire A Mob Hitman”

    1. Don’t you mean, “not
      Don’t you mean, “not guilty?” There is a difference you know… Innocent? New born babies are “innocent”… This case is all conjecture, manipulation and lies… some crack head from the Bronx gets busted and tries to better his situation by entrapping two “not guilty” parties… The Feds thrive on stuff like this… digging and manipulating every crumb of evidence to suit their own needs.

      Case in point: Why, if the go-between is cooperating with the FEDS, would they release that information, rendering him completely useless to them? It makes no sense, alot like most everything the FEDS do….
      When someone is REALLY cooperating with law enforcement, they don’t allow that information, if it is fact, to be released to the public… it underminds what they are trying to do…

      This information in the article is obviously a move on the part of the FEDS to put pressure on the go between to force him to cooperate. Once they say it publicly, what other choice will he have? Now his life is in danger… when faced with that prospect, what would any of us do?

  1. I guess money is key here…
    I guess money is key here… if you’ve got it you can go free while the person “you”, Anthony Piliero, involved sits in prison… justice for all…

  2. What I want to know is why
    What I want to know is why is just the go-between in prison while the actual man who commissioned the murder of this ex-partner for money is free as well as the “CI” who accepted $1000 to secure the scene? It’s like locking up the cow and letting the butcher and the meat eater go free!!!

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