New Rochelle Residents Must Pass School Budget to Pay for Costly Lawsuits that Could/Should have Been Avoided- Part 1

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The Journal News reported today: Custodian suing New Rochelle schools in noose-complaint case (click here)

The school district today was served with a federal discrimination lawsuit from a middle school custodian who says school officials responded inadequately to his complaints about his former supervisor’s hanging nooses in management offices…

In a deer caught in headlights response:

Superintendent Richard Organisciak said he had not seen the lawsuit but said complaints about the district’s response about the incidents were “surprising.”

Does this sound familiar?

Kelly (Plaintiff’s Attorney) said the district’s response to the matter was inadequate – taking months before disciplining Carino and implementing diversity training. Johnson said the district was trying to hide the matter from the public.

Several parents last year said the district was trying to cover up the matter, only learning about the incident when it was reported in the media – months after the incidents occurred.

“That’s nonsense,” Organisciak said. “I don’t want to dignify that with a response to be honest with you.”

Mr. Ali better be careful and behave nicely or Richard will not play with him anymore.

For those who missed it, here is some background on this story reported on New Rochelle Talk of the Sound back in November of last year:

Isaac Young Noose Incident (click here)

Once again the “Ghost of Incompetence Past (and Present)” comes to haunt the taxpayers of New Rochelle. Unfortunately, the taxpayers of New Rochelle are not yet aware of other lawsuits lurking, just waiting to be paid out. Search the Archives of Talk of the Sound and see how many potential lawsuits against the City School District of New Rochelle can you find.

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  1. MR Cox what did service
    MR Cox what did service master – aramark do about mr johnsons complaints? JAMES PURDIE is the custodial manager did he or mr quinn push this under the carpet? new rochelle taxpayers are paying thru the nose with this third party called aramark why or how are they getting a free pass please follow this up mr cox a blast from the past wayne green

  2. Here is a separate article
    Here is a separate article published by the Journal News a day after the initial one. Anybody interested in looking at the differences?
    New Rochelle school custodian sues district over past noose incidents

    We would like to point out the less obvious:

    It is our understanding that Attorney for the Plaintiff Paula Kelly was not happy with Journal News Reporter Aman Ali for originally publishing:

    The commission finished its investigation into the matter earlier this year and was inconclusive, which is why Johnson filed the lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court in White Plains, his attorney Paula Kelly said.

    Why? Because Kelly claims she did not say that. According to Kelly, it was Journal News Reporter Aman Ali who initially called the results of the investigation by the EEOC “inconclusive”, not Kelly. Furthermore, that Kelly had already corrected Mr. Ali on this point. Nevertheless, Mr. Ali went ahead and published it anyway.

    In the subsequent publication of the article the same issue was addressed in the following manner:

    After the EEOC spent more than a year looking into the matter, Johnson’s attorneys requested the case be closed this year so they could pursue their own lawsuit, his attorney Paula Kelly said.

    Why is this detail important? What is the point? Was it an honest mistake? Part of the reason we share this with our readers is that this discrepancy is not part of the Journal News article and no formal correction was published. The change does significantly alter what the reader takes away from the story.

  3. gee wonder if emery the
    gee wonder if emery the legal eagle is surprised at this turn of events.

  4. The School Board and the
    The School Board and the City Government are running the schools and the city of New Rochelle autocratically and yes, the citizens of New Rochelle should be more involved at all times. Is there an itemized breakdown of the budget? Should we not have someone look at it and publize the waste? A Federal lawsuit at the school, the next will be at Ward acres where they have delegated a “commmunity garden plots” to a chosen few to grow vegetables on state/city property. Are all 80,000 plus citizens of NR offered this privilege? Who will pay for the injuries caused while digging, driving, moving soil, etc.? Who is responsible for allocating the plots? Has the South side of NR been offered a City park with allocated plots of land to grow flowers and vegetables to? Or has this facility been advertised in that part of the City. Are these privileged few paying a fee to use the park like the dog-walkers? etc etc. Is this the back-door to taking away the “passive” use of the Ward Acres park by Bramson/Zimmerman? and so on… a few pics of this will clarify…Some investigation is warranted…a concerned citizen of NR

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