Present and Accounted For: In Wake of TOS Exclusive, School District Vehicles Fill NRHS Parking Lot

Written By: Robert Cox


Vans, pick up trucks and other assorted vehicles, including the infamous Fan #60, are now being parked in the lot between the new wing at the high school and the tennis courts near North Avenue.

New Rochelle Carpenter Says “No One Told Him” Could Not Take Vans Home, District Silent but Sends Letter to Employees

EXCLUSIVE: Carpenter’s Late Night Use of School District Van Questioned


Van # 60, second from left.

9 thoughts on “Present and Accounted For: In Wake of TOS Exclusive, School District Vehicles Fill NRHS Parking Lot”

  1. Keep taking pictures of
    Keep taking pictures of those vans cause now there gonna sit there. This blog has started so much negative energy towards school district workers and I think it is unfair to all the other mechanics that have to suffer because of this. I was driving in my schhol van today on north avenue and while i was sitting at the light the person in the car next to me looked at me and gave me the Middle Finger. I am embarresed and now I’m afraid of my well-being just being in the van.

    1. You have nothing to worry
      You have nothing to worry about. The crux of the issue is, in fact, how the district higher ups allow this behavior at the expense of the taxpayer. So some people have been using the vans privately. It was brought into the daylight and the abuse stopped for now. That’s the key word, abuse. They had a good thing going and took it to far. The number of vehicles and the times used got out of control, somebody had to condone it. The workers are a product of an environment that breeds the behavior. It;s up to managment to oversee what’s going on during their watch. Everybodys stressed, things are tight, they’ve had it up to here, so to speak and the bottom line is everybody got caught. So to quote one of your future leaders”suck it up” and be sure to thank the 2 troll brothers for whipping it into a frenzy with their threats and hysterical babblings. A couple of real drama queens those two. I’d be more worried about your coworker who says he shoots deer from the van.

    2. I wouldn’t worry. My
      I wouldn’t worry. My children go to the public school and I just saw a van and a driver at ALMS. I didn’t think any less of him. I agree with the last post below. It’s your boss’s who are to blame. They are the one’s who let this pratice go too far.

  2. The vehicles have always
    The vehicles have always been there, they were all equipped with Romulan Cloaking Devices. That is why they could not be seen. The devices were too expensive and the Board of Education gave them up to save the taxpayers some money. Way to go Board!

  3. I love that Anonymous thinks
    I love that Anonymous thinks everyone out there is an idiot.

  4. I drive by there ALL the
    I drive by there ALL the time and NEVER have I seen that many vans! On weekends that lot is pretty much empty as someone rides around on my taxpaying gas money!

  5. I don’t think so. I live
    I don’t think so. I live near by, and I have NEVER saw so many green vans parked there before after hours.

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