Who is the Troll Defending Frank Demasi?

Written By: Robert Cox

888BA7C3-C3D2-4D9A-9FA7-612735A64C97.jpgToday we see if readers can answer the question: Who is the Troll?

After our investigations team turned up evidence that Frank Demasi, a carpenter working for the New Rochelle School District, was taking home a van at night and on weekends without authorization, an “anonymous commenter” began defending Demasi and attacking this site. In Internet parlance this person is known as a “troll”. This person was leaving so much information about their identity that we decided to offer a reader challenge to see if we could identify the troll based on the breadcrumbs they have been leaving on the site.

What has our troll revealed about himself in the content of his comments and in the log files of this site which track the IP addresses of visitors and commenters on this site?

1. They have spoken with Mr. Demasi.

2. They know how many years he has worked for the district.

3. They know when his work day ends and whether or not he is required to punch a time card.

4. They had access to surveillance video at Isaac Young Middle School.

5. They know who’s name the three ‘personal’ vehicles are registered.

6. They also know of numerous thefts that occurred at the NRHS House 4 parking lot.

7. They don’t think that there’s anything wrong with bringing the van home. That’s not considered corrupt, it’s considered a fringe benefit or a job perk!

8. This person has access to personal information about employees of the City School District of New Rochelle.

9. This person does not care about disclosing confidential personnel information about district employees

10. They uses the term “past practices” to defend Mr. Demasi, a term used by union officials to indicate a practice which was known by both labor AND management so by using this term our troll is not only outing themselves but indicting the administration of the school district (and saying that Demasi lied to me).

11. Our troll posts from within New Rochelle but has, from time to time, posted comments from a Verizon account in Buffalo, NY and an Optonline account in Yonkers.

12. This person was in Buffalo last weekend.


Let’s see how this stacks up against what we know about Marty Daly, the President of the New Rochelle Teachers Union and President of the New Rochelle PTA.

1. Marty Daly lives at 14 Healey Place in Tuckahoe, NY (Yonkers) with his partner Craig.

2. Marty Daly is originally from Buffalo, NY. His mother lives there now. The photo below is Marty at a union meeting in Buffalo several weeks ago.


3. Marty Daly teaches one class at Isaac E. Young Middle School for which he is paid over $100,000 a year; and has an office near City Hall so he would have access to computers in New Rochelle including school district computers.

4. Marty Daly is the President of F.U.S.E., the New Rochelle teachers union and so would be very familiar with term “past practices”.

5. New Rochelle School District carpenters are represented by F.U.S.E. in negotiations with the New Rochelle school district so Mr. Daly’s organization would represent Mr. Demasi in any disciplinary matters before the school district.

6. As Demasi’s union rep, Daly would be be familiar with his work schedule, how many years he has worked for the District and so on.

7. Daly’s job as union boss would also include him representing security guards at Isaac E. Young Middle School and have responsibility at Isaac and New Rochelle High School.

8. Daly would have access to personal information about union members including my wife.

9. Daly has demonstrated in the past a flagrant disregard for protecting confidential information about union members.

10. Daly has a history of commenting on web site to attack critics of the New Rochelle school district.


We report, you decide!

6 thoughts on “Who is the Troll Defending Frank Demasi?”

  1. Mr. Cox,
    I would have to

    Mr. Cox,

    I would have to disagree with you on this one. Due to the fact the on August 1st, 2008 at 7:06 am a Martin Daly posted the following on the Journal News Blog, The Hall Monitor regarding some silly new blog:

    Martin Daly

    It is easy to hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace. I wish these “concerned citizens” would state who they are and what their associations—past or present—are with the school district. This information can help readers to determine the veracity of their statements and the agenda of the site.

    Martin Daly, President of the New Rochelle FUSE

    If what you are suggesting has the smallest amount of truth to it, that would make Mr. Daly a liar, hypocrite, charlatan and a fraud. ;-}

    Isn’t the Internet great?

    1. how do we get rid of martin
      how do we get rid of martin daly? Is it normal to only teach one class and make that sort of money?

  2. Anon – we have a no ALL CAPS
    Anon – we have a no ALL CAPS rule. It is considered SHOUTING.

    Why does he make so much money teaching one class a day Y!!!?????

  3. Robert,
    Nobody likes to be


    Nobody likes to be trolled, but you’re giving the troll exactly what they want. I think this web site is a great resource for residents of New Rochelle, but I’m afraid using it as a tool to oust anonymous commentators is a bad idea.

    “We report, you decide!” is exactly how I see this site succeeding. Turning each report into personal vendetta degrades the overall quality and takes away from its usefulness.

    1. Trolls want to hijack
      Trolls want to hijack discussions, make regular readers angry and generally draw attention to themselves. Their goal is to amuse themselves by screwing with people, getting them wound up and then laughing as the regular readers make impotent threats or “scream” at them. What makes those threats impotent is that the troll’s identity is unknown so they can watch from a distance as other people flail around in anger.

      The one thing trolls do not want is to have their identities disclosed and to be publicly associated with their own words and behavior.

      In this case, I believe it is useful for readers to get an unvarnished glimpse into the minds of the people who run the district. It is pretty sad.

      As for ousting (or outing) anonymous commenterS. We are NOT doing that. this is ONE commenter and it is a special case that warrants exceptional treatment. I am quite sure that the troll in this case is not getting what they want.

      We have a couple of other trolls who work for the district is relatively high up positions, including one department head. In those cases, I also think it is useful for New Rochelle residents to get a good look at the people who are running our schools but it is not a priority.

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