Teachers Union Boss Marty Daly Backs Jeff Hastie for School Board

Written By: Robert Cox

For those looking to better understand the incestuous nature of school district politics, one need look no further than this fundraising letter from school board candidate Jeff Hastie. What does it say about New Rochelle — or Jeff Hastie as a candidate — that the President of the Teachers Union is helping him raising money for his campaign. Or that one of the few Republicans elected to office from New Rochelle — County Legislator Jim Maisano — is in bed with the teachers union for this purpose.

From: Jeffrey Hastie
Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:21 PM
Subject: School Board & Budget Vote – May 19
To: Jeffrey Hastie


As you may be aware, I’m running for Board of Education. The election is May 19. There are two seats available and five candidates. I suspect it will be a hotly contested race, so I need your support. I’m sending this note to you requesting three things.

1. Due to the economic times, I’m not holding an official fundraiser. This e-mail will be my sole solicitation for funds (no more than $100 please). For those that have contributed already, thanks! If you wish to contribute, you can do so as follows:

Make check payable to: Committee to Elect Jeffrey Hastie
Mail to: Committee to Elect Jeffrey Hastie
c/o Rachel & Rich DeStasio
37 Howard Parkway
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Committee to Elect Jeffrey Hastie:

Larry & Diane Luftig (Co-Chairs)
Peter & Donna Sanders (Co-Chairs)
Rich & Rachel DeStasio (Treasurers)

Akhil & Alex Bisaria
Karen Brown-Mills
Chris & Lygia Campbell
Martin P. Daly
David Flemister & Sara James Flemister
Linda Fosina
Ari & Robin Friedman
Quentin & Mary Jo Jacobs
Jim & Susan King
Thomas Leghorn & Theresa Kump Leghorn
Ken & Linda Maier
James & Jean Maisano
Roland & Catherine Rogers
Javier & Maria Valencia

2. More importantly, I need you to vote on May 19. If you can, take along 5 friends. My name is listed 4th on the ballot. I’m supporting Diedre Polow for the other seat. Her ballot position is 2.

3. Voting is also occurring for the school budget. I support the budget and hope that you will vote for it. It does have a proposed tax increase, 3.2%, which I understand is difficult during these times. However, it is the lowest in nearly 20 years. Compared to other districts in our region, our per pupil spending is near the bottom, but our performance is near the top. Good bang for the buck. If you have any further questions about the budget or would like to discuss what happens if the budget is turned down, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your attention. What we do for our kids is vital to the future of the global community.


Deidre Polow and Jeff Hastie are both “teachers union candidates”, committed to more and more taxes to ramp up more and more spending to put more cash in the pockets of the teachers union. They are getting the full benefit of the massive get-out-the-vote effort with cooperation from the school board, the school district administration, the teachers union, the PTA which is, in turn, run by the teachers union and members of both political parties.

No wonder candidates in favor of fiscal responsibility like Jack Wagner and Victor Malfatano have such an uphill battle.

3 thoughts on “Teachers Union Boss Marty Daly Backs Jeff Hastie for School Board”

  1. I agree with you. The
    I agree with you. The budget has to be fixed. Year after year they raise our taxes. I don’t remember one year that shool board budget wasn’t passed. I am voting for Wagner and Malfatano too!

  2. Who else is running for the
    Who else is running for the school board besides Hastie, Polow, Wagner & Malfatano? From what I’ve read (& its mostly from here because the Journal News isn’t covering it), the candidates to vote for are Wagner & Malfatano, hands down.

    And what about the library board?

    We need people who aren’t afraid to pull out the scalpel (or perhaps and ax)to get this budget mess fixed. It can’t be a system of just tax, tax and tax some more. I don’t see any proposed cuts anywhere, and thats just wrong.

  3. I think it is VIncent
    I think it is VIncent Malefatano, not Victor. And has anyone checked into “Dr.” Wagner’s credentials — it seems that the good doctor’s license to practice medicine has been repossessed by the state fdor negliance and incompetance. Why has’nt “Talk of the Sound” broken that story wide open?

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