EXCLUSIVE: New Rochelle School Board Candidate to Withdraw after Professional Medical Misconduct Charges Surface

Written By: Robert Cox


Dr. Jack Wagner, candidate for New Rochelle School Board, has told Talk of the Sound exclusively that he intends to withdraw from the campaign in the wake of the disclosure that in 2000 he entered into a consent decree with the New York State Board for Professional Misconduct admitting to professional misconduct in performing surgery on a patient with advanced cancer who had a directive prohibiting aggressive treatment in the event of a terminal condition.

“I started this for the purpose of doing something good for the people of New Rochelle”, Wagner told Talk of the Sound before announcing his intent to withdraw from the race which ends on May 19th when New Rochelle vote for 2 School Board seats as well as the School Budget and 2 Library Board seats.

The four remaining candidates are Deirdre Polow, Jeffrey Hastie, Kenneth Chorzewski, and Vincent Malfetano.

Under the terms of the consent decree Wagner agreed that his license to practice medicine would be limited to preclude patient contact and any practice of medicine. He agreed to his license status being made “inactive” although it was not revoked has been claimed by operatives working for other campaigns. Wagner is still a medical doctor.

As part of the consent decree, Wagner agreed not to contest one of the Specifications brought against him in settlement of the others, a charge of “committing professional misconduct…by practicing the professional of medicine with negligence on more than one occasion” as pertained to the facts in case of a patient who had signed a directive prohibiting any aggressive treatment in the event she was found to have a terminal condition. Upon admission, the patient was found to have advanced cancer but Wagner attempts to perform an esophagogastrectomy that was not indicated, performing it incorrectly and failing to assemble a team of surgeons before attempt the esophagogastrectomy.

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  1. can anyone explain to me why
    can anyone explain to me why representation on the school board is set up to absolutely ensure that people from a limited segment of the city are elected?

    most intelligent communities recognize the need for broad representation from all sub-components and either call for a system where local council people appoint representatives or have elections where school board candidates are elected by voters from the district they reside (like the council elections). there is no way and never has been any way where those plutocrats from the north end represented the interest of those from the west, east or south.

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