Downtown New Rochelle’s Habitat ReStores covered on Channel 2 News

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On Wednesday (May 6th), Tony Aiello, Channel 2’s Westchester reporter, did an article where he highlighted, that nationwide, over 63 percent of resale shops nationwide have reported an increase in business. While economic times were cited as a factor, store owners have cited the desire to go green as also boosting business. Locally, the Habitat ReStores were highlighted in the newscast. On your next walk through SoNo, stop by out resale and consignment businesses Consign it on Main and the Habitat ReStores.

Click on the link to see the Channel 2 Video

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  1. Appreciate everyones support
    Appreciate everyones support to us on Main Street in SoNo New Rochelle..the place where Rockwell used New Rochelle as his canvas, ossie Davis walked and lou Gehrig, strutted with dancers on Main near the RKO theatre, Loews theatre, and the Habitat Rockwell Restore at 5911 Main ……with gratitude to Talk of the Sound, Jim Killoran

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