Polow Proves Lack of Respect for Taxpayers

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In my opinion,watching Ms Polow’s tirade when someone had the gaul to ask a question only reinforces how out of touch this woman is with the responsibility of her position. But, then again, should we really be asking questions? I don’t know if we could really understand the complex numbers and all that “stuff”. Right? Do we really need to know what they do with our money. I’m just glad they’re willing to let us give it to them. They shouldn’t be expected to explain to us common folk how it’s divied up. Right? What would we do with that info, what could we do with that info? I saw Ms Polow get really mad at the man with the question about the bond debt. He said on the Bruce Negrin show that he was really upset/apalled with her behavior. She was really mean and, as she pointed out, the man is the one who should know the answer, not her. She apparently is very busy and we shouldn’t bother her with questions like that. Right? She’s very busy spending our money and she does it well. So well, in fact, she told a bunch of other people, in public, that the district needs to spend more money. She said this is how they’ll attract more people to the city, with more kids. Does anyone have some extra rooms in their house, you see , the schools are full and they’ll need them for extra classrooms. She seems to have it all under control and that’s why I wonder why she was so utterly disrespectful to the man with the question. It was a simple question and he was put in his place. That will teach you all a lesson about asking questions. Right?
WRONG ! Your questions will uncover the truth.
Polow must go -on the budget vote no

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  1. “The Country Has Nothing to
    “The Country Has Nothing to Fear From the Crooked Man Who Fails.We put him in jail. It is the crooked man who succeds who is a threat to this country” – Theodore Roosevelt
    Polow Must Go and take her stepson Jeff with her
    Vote yes for Vince Malfitano
    Like the man said, change comes TO the school board
    Vote NO on the budget

  2. I heard Vince Malfatano on
    I heard Vince Malfatano on the Bruce Negrin radio show and was intrigued by his idea of changing school board elections from city wide vote to district vote. I think this is a great idea and would be curious to know what others think.

    This kind of electoral process would give a voice to each school with a representative on the board. This way the “elitists” would share the table with the “bourgeoisie” and the “rabble”

    In an odd spin of the words that formed the basis of Brown vs. Board of Education the school representation would be separate but equal. As a North End New Rochellean I would welcome the change and see all of our schools thrive because if NOTHING else education and the support of the schools in New Ro should be equal. They must be equal.

    1. Vince is dead on. Vote for
      Vince is dead on. Vote for him and that will be the begining of a fair and balanced school system.

  3. Perhaps the front page of
    Perhaps the front page of the Journal News Sunday puts the growing fact that we live in a tale of two cities; not a shining city on the hill.

    The Journal News is no great sourcee of journalist merit as seen by their habit of not being consistent in their approach to objectivity — the endorsement of Polow and Hastie speaks volumes to this point. Yet reporters like Costello and Worley get things right and I urge all of you to read the May 17th addition as well as reserving a copy of the May 19th edition.

    Our disengenous support base for both the proposed budget and the re-election of people of the limited ability and mean-spiritness of Deidre Polow must at least question their own lack of common sense if nothing else. We have been bombarded by misinformation, half-truths, and plain pettifoggery. The Journal News says that the budget spending for Westchester and Putnam, is scheduled to rise under 2% on average and our pathetic elitist board are calling the New Roc budget and austerity budget. Some austery! Many, many other districts are eliminating positions; we boast we are not. Many top officials are taking voluntary pay cuts; Organisiciak relishes in accepting his 13.5 thousand dollar increase. There is more but read it for yourselves.

    Look at what would happen in New Rochelle if we had to pass a contingency budget (vote down the 3.2% increase). Remember the fear tactics regarding what the state would impose. Well read it for yourself — as I have said, it is marginal — gthey don’t touch direct classroom expenses, teachers’ salaries… read what a modest decrease of $330.000 from a $228 million dollar budget would really mean. God it is pathetic.

    Mr Hastie apparently has or is currently managing a budget at work close to the district budget and yet he almost mute on the topic. He cannot have direct expense management control; I managed a budget or two well in excess of $500 millon in my working life and would have little difficulty in working on a contingency plan for such a trivial percentage as a reduction to our district contingency level would require. So, either Mr Hastie is unskilled or like Mark Anthony said of Brutus, his ambition was a consuming flame.

    The real sadness behind all of this is the lack of inquiry, support, or even interest on the part of the Mayor, the Council, or our State elected representatives. So many of us face severe financial hardships; growing with the MTA increases, the loss of STAR rebates; so much more. But, maybe we need to suck it up like emory schweig suggests. No, I cannot suck it up further.

    My wife and I think that Dr Wagner has a point. No way to beat this system. Connecticut is looking better by the day. We will leave New Rochelle as there are so few voices that are willing to make this a shining city on the hill; but rhetoric aside, prefer a tale of two cities.

    Oh, if I have been a tad vague, if you vote for this budget or for any supporter of this budget, you deserve no better than what you surely will get.

    bob Cox you are often a thorn in my craw and a royal pain in the butt, but you are indispensible to the citizenry here as you put on the table what people need to hear and know. It is not important to agree or disagree with you, it is important to know you provide a forum.

    Read the news, vote against the district budget and incumbent tuesday and maybe ask the journal news how in the name of good and fair journalism they could support this district based on what they already know.

    warren gross

  4. It is shocking that Polow
    It is shocking that Polow does not know the total bonded debt for the schools. There is no excuse for not listing the total debt in the budget. We need a real change on the Board of Education now.

  5. come on give this poor nancy
    come on give this poor nancy pelosi think alike a break. she obviously is having a senior moment trying to clarify what she means. how dare someone from the “wrong side of the tracks” have the temerity to ask a question of saint redington, oliver wendell lacher, good miz babcock…. gosh you would think they might have to hit the books and understand some eco 101, or God Forbid, a little of Miz Manners advice. These are sheer dilettantes, entitlement people, unversed in policy, ignorant of financial and fiscal management, and frankly, good for public cocktail outings and little else.

    you want income Deirdre? tell organisciak to move to new roc and spread some of that unearned income around. you want more state money to squander? well have tea with suzi oppenheimer who knows as much about finance and management as you do. And, while you two are at it, slum a little and have a slice of cake which is your advice — along with auntie em of NRHS PTA, let the great unwashed eat cake and suck it up.

    Well suck this up.. the times are a changingand you and your elitist kind are already surplus to requirements. By the way, you are beautifuly named — Deidre is an old Kell (Celtic or Gaelic name) meaning the “raging one”. Bruce Negrin a man I hope to meet and greet one day soon, had the ill fortune of being exposed to your diatribe. Bruce has shown every sign of being a healer. We need more like him.

    You need to resign and let our diverse community get the representation it deserves. Do you and your sort actually feel “entitled?”

    Indira Gandhi once said “you can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” You and your band os brothers and sisters have, at best, patronized the community outside of your residence. You hunker down at city hall and — well what is the use of going on, you and your kind are an anachronism. You may win in 2009 but change is inevitable.

    1. Warren, you took the words
      Warren, you took the words right out of my mouth.( in a much kinder/ gentler way).

  6. Is it the job of school
    Is it the job of school board members to ‘attract more people to the city’? Maybe this is too simple-minded, but I am inclined to think that the job of a school board member ELECTED by the citizens of the city (taxpayers and/or parents) would be to REPRESENT them as it concerns to the needs of their children/students. Why would they focus on the students that have yet to come? Let’s concentrate on the students that are already here. Sending well-educated and fully-prepared graduates out into the world is all that’s needed to attract future tax-paying residents to the city.

    1. Through Polow’s own words,
      Through Polow’s own words, you get a clear glimpse into the mindset of the school board. Their focus is on whatever they think makes it easier to sell homes in New Rochelle in the North End.

      This is why you hear nothing about gangs in the schools, violent incidents and major brawls, when security guards assault students or engage in child porn, when school nurses threaten to call Child Protective Services on mother’s who demands an ambulance be called for their child with two broken arms, when maintenance workers misappropriate school property, when people are paid for phony overtime claims, when employees engage in sexual harassment, when teachers leave young children unattended and they are seriously injured and all the rest. This why the school engages in filing manufactured test scores and phony VADIR (violence and disruptive incidents) reporters to Albany for the School Report Cards required under No Child Left Behind. This is why they spend a tremendous of time pitching the Journal News and other media outlets to create positive media coverage of the district.

      It is all about appearances.

      At the League of Women Voter’s meeting Deidre Polow said this year’s budget was the lowest in 10 years. Ha! This year’s budget is not only the biggest school budget ever in the history of New Rochelle but, because Yonkers does not vote on their budget, it is the biggest budget any district in Westchester County has ever put forward for a vote.

      1. We need a change, Please
        We need a change, Please vote NO for the school budget on MAY 19th!!!!

    2. It is not simpleminded
      It is not simpleminded atall. That exactly is the jobof a school board. If Ms P wants to attract people to NR, then let her get a job with the chamber of commerce, or let her go back to school and learn to be a realtor. THAT probably fits her personality better.cjfnr

  7. Here’s a great idea. Dump
    Here’s a great idea. Dump Polow and replace her with Emery – just suck it up – Schweig. They’re both arrogant. No respect for anyone else, and they both like to say stupid things. We can suck it up while we try ro find the bond debt numbers!

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