Grenade? What the hell is going on at Isaac E. “Nam” Middle School?

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grenade.jpgApparently, an “empty grenade” was found at Isaac E. Young Middle School News 12 reported today. Things may be getting rough over there. Or maybe it was show and tell.

Seriously, this is exactly the kind of thing Talk of the Sound has been communicating all along. Things have just spun out of control in our schools in New Rochelle. Isaac is the worst example of this. There is really no logical explanation for finding a grenade in or around a school building, live or inert. This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes “isolated incidents.” This may be the single most important wake up call the Citizens of New Rochelle need to give a vote of NO confidence to the leadership of the City School District of New Rochelle tomorrow May 19th, 2009.

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  1. A child found the grenade on
    A child found the grenade on a wall at one of the apartment buildings near Isaac Young. The child then brought it to a security guard, who then alerted the police. Your story is quite amusing though…..

    1. What is so ‘amusing’ about
      What is so ‘amusing’ about finding a grenade?

    2. The kids who found it are
      Jesus barrgan and Emmanuel Oceguera found the Grenade on a green fence next to the school.There were a lot of 6 Graders looking at it until my friend Emmanuel and I toke it. At first we thought it was fake and I wanted to take it home, but then Emmanuel toke it away from me and then we gave it to a secutity of our school. That isthe real story

  2. There are rumors bob cox
    There are rumors bob cox planted the grenade there to make a story

    1. Do you really expect people to believe that?
      Then why didn’t the post come from his blog? It was posted by New Rochelle Community Pulse, not Robert Cox. Look at the top of the post, you’ll see the word “submitted”. Maybe that will clear things up for you. There is plenty of material to report out there, nobody needs to make anything up.

      1. Don’t worry iheartnewro…
        That’s just our resident troll having their fun! Unable to deal with the reality of the situation their only refuge to make absurd accusations.

      2. Bob, what happened to the
        Bob, what happened to the comments? I don’t like how it has changed.

      3. I agree…I changed them back
        I did keep the ability to add a subject line or headline.

        I was trying to to figure out a way to have people reply directly to a comment that they intend to reply to rather than simply add a new comment. The conversation gets out of order because some people are using “add new comment” when what they mean to do is “reply” to a comment.

        I do not know enough Drupal programming to make it work right. Any Drupal programmers looking for some volunteer work?

      4. Comments Section
        I like both formats. Can you have both at the same time? 🙂

      5. Drupal?
        Weren’t the Drupals a race of aliens in the movie Spaceballs ?
        John D

  3. Since when did the Principle
    Since when did the Principle of the Middle School become become the spokesperson for the NRPD? Why is he commenting on a piece of ordinance found up the street? Maybe it was not found up the street? Maybe it was just meant to look that way? Why didn’t the police give a statement? We all would feel a lot safer if they did.

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