my pet peeve

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The Citi Of New Rochelle will officialy own hudson park for 125yrs.Iam 43yrs old i have been going to this park most of my life.I can couny on 2 hands how much work has been done here.Recently was on the citis web site didnt finish the story,but there appears to be alot of work going to be done at ward acres.If i read it correctly ward acres is considered historical, Historical my butt.Lets not forget about wild cliff.Which has lied dormant for 3 or 4 years now.I would also like to comment on recent bloggs.While this memorial day parade was 100 times bettter then prvious ones.There still seem to have less marchers and alot less watchers.The school and library budget,iam sure there must be a loop hole or two we could find.Not long ago i seem to recall not 1,not 2 but 3 votes for the library budget.Petty sad when our school employees are just as bad as the kids.My kids,4 boys 3 of which go to these so called schools.Last, but not least 3 of my kids have the flu.Which type of flu you asked dont know doc wont say.