3 thoughts on “Assemblyman George Latimer Brings Bad Budget & MTA Tidings to New Rochelle from Albany Statehouse”

  1. Unions & Jobs
    “An attempt to gain concessions on pay raises was rejected by the unions, consequently the Governor said he will lay off workers.”

    Unrealistic. So the union heads rather have members fired? Why pay to be in a union if this is the best leadership can offer? Members need to get on the phone and voice her/his opinions.

  2. thank you peggy, this is
    thank you peggy, this is very useful and george continues to be very open. I wish there was a way to more broadly circulate key information such as you have presented to the community-at-large. too many people, for example, are confusing star credits and rebates. there are notices on bulleting boards in pelham road residences urging people to call reprsentatative klein’s office to petition the state to save the star credit. they have it wrong; at this point the credit is secure, it is the rebate that is going away.

    you may be interested in Liz Feld’s statements on the latest cuomo smokescreen on consolidating political entitities. I wrote a blog point on this in Bob’s blog — cuomo is shameless in not indicating upfront that his proposal would hold school districts, state and countygovernments, and state mandates harmless. that is where so many of the expense management and efficiency layers rest.

    again, thanks for the heads up on george and hope to be there myself if health permits. can you tell me where the reform club meets and if all are welcome.

    warren gross

    warren gross

    1. New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club meetings
      Thanks for your comments. The next meeting of the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club will be on June 25th at the American Legion Post 8 on North Avenue, New Rochelle at 7:30 p.m. It usually meets on the fourth Thursday of the month but we will not meet in July and August.

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