Possible Swine Flu Case at Jefferson School, Is Swine Flu Spreading in New Rochelle Schools?

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B74F1CA0-C8CF-401A-BC8F-9E43A2B366DD.jpgA case of swine flu has already been confirmed by the Westchester County Health Department at the Davis Elementary School and now comes word of a possible case at Jefferson Elementary School.

A child was sent home on Monday, June 1st from Jefferson Elementary School. The child’s parents were informed not to have him/her return to school for at least the rest of the week. As this news unfolds of a possible swine flu infected child, school officials and the City School District have yet to inform all parents of children who attended Jefferson Elementary School to keep an eye on there children just in case the child is tested positive for the swine flu. The child is believed to be in the third grade. So, if your child attends or if you should know of parents that send their children to Jefferson, please inform them that a child was sent home withe the possibility that they may be infected. Being that the school district, nor the city should care about the well being of the Jefferson community as well as neighbors of those who attend and work at Jefferson. You can thank Mrs Slotkin, The City School District and Mayor Bramson should you or your child become infected. Being that they don’t even care enough to issue a warning of a possibe outbreak.


CSDNR Influenza Web Site

The New Rochelle District recommends following WCHD/CDC Guidelines:

1. Students and staff with Influenza/Flu and “Influenza-like Illness (= fever of 100.0 F. or greater with cough and/or sore throat) should stay home for at least 7 days after the onset of symptoms, even if they feel better sooner.
2. Students and staff who are still sick after 7 days should continue to stay home from school until at least 24 hours after their fever and other symptoms are gone.
3. Please note that students who have an illness for which a reason other than the Flu/”viral syndrome” has been established by their health care practitioner (e.g., Strep Throat, ear infection, urinary tract infection) may return to school sooner than 7 days, with written medical clearance.

In the meantime, remind your children to wash their hands frequently, cover their nose and mouth when they cough, avoid sharing glassware and utensils and avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth.

Bottom line if you or a family member is sick STAY HOME!

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  1. All students that had a
    All students that had a fever were sent home for 7 days regardless of what the doctor said. This was done as a precaution and there were MANY kids sent home that week and other weeks. In particular a 4th grader was sent home the following Monday because he also had a fever and a cough which was diagnosed as bronchitis and the nurse and principal knew it. This was all done as a precaution and there was not a confirmed case.

  2. Communal contact outside of school
    Keep in mind the other places your children are grouped together. Pre- school or after school programs, day care or baby-sitters. A child from one school might play with children from another school in a different setting. Nothing to panic about or overreact, but do pay attention to the safety guidelines about washing hands and coughs/ sneezing,etc. Again, if you’re sick-stay home ! We’ll al be healthier for it.

  3. H1N1 – Swine flu cases in schools
    Davis School in New Rochelle had a confirmed case according to the district pinhead Weiss-Harrison. There is no notice as of this post about anything in Jefferson. Also, the Immaculate Conception School in Tuckahoe had a confirmed case, so if your kids play with kids from there, be vigilant. As usual the ineptitude of the school board lists announcements under a cutsie “flu season” cartoon. Flu season is over, this is a seperate influenza outbreak and should be recognized as such. You CAN be vigilant AND communicate with the parents without causing panic. Pulling their head out of the sand(or out of their a_ _) would help the parents prepare for any event. So, wash your hands and call Ms Weiss-Harrison 576-4264 and ask about the report at Jefferson.

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