District Attorney Visits Home of New Rochelle School District HVAC Employee Vito Costa

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The District Attorneys office made a visit to the home of Vita Costa to introduce Mr. Costa to his alleged charges of theft of services. FACT that he was put on immediate suspension from his job. FACT that he was stripped of his keys to any district property and forbidden to enter the buildings. FACT that he has hired his own attorney to handle the charges. FACT that his attorney wrote a letter to Superintendent asking permission for Costa to enter the school from which his child was graduating from to attend the ceremony (of which he was granted). FACT that Costa has threatened to involve others within the district that, according to him, were well aware of what was going on. Perhaps John Gallagher?? Just a guess on my part. Day by day this story unfolds and I will be right here to inform you and the readers of the FACTS.

EDITOR’S NOTE: see also, New Rochelle School District HVAC Employee Under Investigation?

Where is that “credible” anonymous writer now who claims this is all fiction??

Come out, come out wherever you are.

As for Donna Henry…

The district chose to deal with Henry as a matter of an employee who did not follow proceedure. The consequence to her actions were removal from immediate interaction with children and placement to another position that would limit (lower) her chances of being put in the same situation. Henry had the right to grieve the change in position with her union and have a hearing, but chose not to go that route as the end result could have meant being fired if found guilty. In all fairness, lets not forget that Henry herself was not guilty of coming to school with picture(s) of a naked child in her phone. That does not excuse her responsibility within her hired position to follow proper proceedure instead of “street thug” ethics. But, if you walk through ANY of the schools at ANY time, that is what you will see taking place. STREET THUG ETHICS. It is a deplorable situation. Everything from high school security staff hanging outside sharing a smoke break with students to security riding around in golf carts hiding in the corner reading the newspaper. How about being in the hallway of an middle school listening to one of the security staff addressing a well endowed female STUDENT as “hey momma, looking beautiful today”
Rest assured, the security issue in our schools will be the next thing that will be addressed…

9 thoughts on “District Attorney Visits Home of New Rochelle School District HVAC Employee Vito Costa”

  1. By stating that others ‘were well aware of what was going on’…
    …it sounds like an admission of guilt. Is this a plea bargain tactic?

    This also sounds like the same defense used by the maintenance worker who said, ‘No one told him’ he couldn’t use the van for personal use.

    Didn’t your MOTHER tell you?! Didn’t you learn anything in KINDERGARTEN?! It’s really very simple; you are not supposed to take anything that doesn’t belong to you – that’s called STEALING.

    Here comes the tricky part: there is no such thing as a victimless crime. Someone is always victimized, in this case, it’s the taxpayers and the children who use the buildings that were not being maintained properly because of an absent worker.

    ‘Others knew’ I was stealing and ‘no one told me’ I couldn’t steal are not acceptable defenses. They are poor excuses for not taking responsibility for ones own actions.

    1. Hey Deepthroat!!!!!!!! Where are You?????
      What is going on with the HVAC guy (Vito Costa)- any more info???

  2. Just so everyone knows… DEEPTHROAT is none other than..
    BOB COX himself. I know from a very reliable source it’s him. Not that anyone really reads this anymore anyway you LOSER!

    1. Robert Cox? Thats not what I see
      when I look into the mirror in the morning. It may come as a shock to you but your reliable source is anything but that.
      Oh..and by the way…”no one reads this anymore”? Well you are just as wrong as your “reliable” source. PEOPLE ARE READING THIS..more and more each day. And here’s one thing you can take to the bank, I’m NOT going away. There is merit in everything and anything I say. So let’s just hope I don’t have the need to act like a pit bull and sink my teeth into something you are involved in.

    2. I thought you said citijofromnewro is Bob Cox
      You’re confusing me now. Which one is it? To keep it simple I’ll leave it at – everyone is who they say they are- except for you. You are nobody trying to be somebody and it ain’t working:)

    3. you’re reading it everyday
      There will laways be at least 2 readers. You with your keen insight, and me when I need a chuckle. Thanks “dolt squad” guy

    4. I would like to know, why do
      I would like to know, why do you think everyone is Box Cox? It’s getting a little old now. I’m reading this, and so are you. And it seems people like you, who don’t like this site keep coming back. I find it funny.

    5. Just so you know…
      resorting to name-calling doesn’t help your argument. It only makes you seem childish and makes others disregard your comments.

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