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Four Students Assault, Rob Student at New Rochelle High School

Written By: Robert Cox

In yet another “isolated incident”, four New Rochelle High School students jumped another student at New Rochelle high school on Friday. Three of the students were in court this afternoon. I happened across them standing out in front of the police station where they were smoking cigarettes, talking about prior arrests for drugs and purposely blocking the sidewalk so that visitors to NRPD had to step into a ditch dug next to the sidewalk; the area around the police station is torn up due to ongoing construction work (courtesy of PAB Contracting, the family company of Anthony Bongo, principal at Isaac E. Young Middle School).

I have requested the NRPD report but there were four students involved, they took the victim’s Blackberry Storm. A fourth suspect is still at

UPDATE: NRPD is conforming a robbery occurred within New Rochelle High School on Friday, June 12th. Three 16 year old students were arrested. The DA still needs to determine if they are eligible for youthful offender status in which case names will not be release (if you know, add a comment).

3 thoughts on “Four Students Assault, Rob Student at New Rochelle High School”

  1. PAB as in Pay A Bongo?
    could this be a connection. Insider awards contract to PAB. PAB supports insider agenda, PAB gets more contract(money), filters to Mr B, Mr B makes big donation to childrens library(his plaque is on tha back wall), Mr B gets cush job (big salary+big pension+ can’t be fired), everyone lives happily everafter.

    1. I find it hard to believe…
      …the School Board would approve the hiring and promotion on an unqualified person just because a person comes from a family that owns a company that does ALOT of contracting work in New Rochelle and makes donations.

      Absolutely ridiculous!

      1. Trinity Principal
        I don’t know. Do you think we got the most qualified principal of all the candidates at Trinity? The best of all applicants? Show us the resumes.

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