Organisciak Claims “Chokehold” Gym Teacher Not Employed by New Rochelle School District

Written By: Robert Cox

56C42A55-9E3C-420A-8C6A-CAAE6C2335EF.jpgAman Ali has a story up over at the Journal News describing a foul-mouthed rant by Daniel Sanabria, the 58 year-old substitute Physical Education teacher at Webster Elementary School who is now facing criminal charges stemming from allegations that he put a 10-year old student in a “sleeper” chokehold and dragged him around a gymnasium floor. New Rochelle Community Pulse — the blog that broke this now widely reported story here on Talk of the Sound — has updated their blog post on this incident.

Now fully lawyered-up, Sanabria used a “string of expletives” to portray himself as the victim in the case.

I have a few questions about what Talk of the Sound and the Journal News have reported on this matter so far.

1. The kids were playing dodgeball. I thought activities like dodgeball were prohibited by public schools in these politically correct times. Does New Rochelle have any rules against PE teachers organizing dodgeball in gym class.

2. Sanarbia’s lawyer now says the sub gym teacher was not putting the kid in a chokehold but “hugging” the 10-year old boy to calm him down. Doesn’t this “defense” raise a whole other set of questions?

3. Organisciak told Ali “Sanabria was never an employee of the district”. Huh? How does that work exactly? Did Sanabria just walk in off the street? Was he a volunteer? Was he screened in anyway? Did someone vouch for him? I sure would like to understand why Sanarbia’s lawyer says his client is “not doing this for the money”. What money? Was he being paid? If not by the District then who was paying him?

Here’s a new flash for Richard Organisciak. If you pay someone they are working for you.

6 thoughts on “Organisciak Claims “Chokehold” Gym Teacher Not Employed by New Rochelle School District”

  1. 10 year old punching a sub
    What I don’t understand is why no one is questioning why a 10 year old would attempt to punch an adult authority figure? How would any of us react to a child attempting to hit us? Growing up I remember plenty of teachers saying things to me and fellow students that we didn’t like but hitting a teacher was never an appropriate action. We would have been hauled into the principal’s office and punished. Has any action been taken to correct the students behavior and response to be called out of the dodgeball game? Why is no one reporting that side of the story. Since when is it okay for a student to punch a teacher? Where is the respect?

    1. The answer is in your question
      “why no one is questioning why a 10 year old would attempt to punch an adult authority figure?”

      Ummm. Maybe because the kid is 10 years old?

      What punishment do you believe is appropriate for the kid who did not want to be called out in dodgeball?

  2. Does Organisciak take LSD ?
    How does someone get into the school, take control of a class, without other supervision , and manage to not be in the employ of the district? Doesn’t that raise some serious liability issues? I’m sure it’s just an “isolated incident”, but let’s not let happen again.

  3. teachers should keep hands off students
    Do administrators in New Rochelle tell all personnel to keep their hands off the children? Has the school board after all these incidents set a policy on this matter? Who is watching the store?

    1. Nobody’s watching the store
      There is training available,that a certain percentage of school employees in the school should be versed in and that is how to restrain a child. There will be times when a child overreacts, acts up or whatever the classification of the moment is, and everyone has to know you can’t just wrestle a 10 year old to the ground. What threat could he possibily presented ? How much is this going to cost us in lawsuits from both sides.

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