Mayor Bramson on WVOX, Tuesday June 23

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Mayor Bramson on WVOX, Tuesday June 23

     According to Bob Marrone, Mayor Bramson will be on WVOX tomorrow morning at  9 a.m.  So this will be a good time to ask about the future of the Post Office Building on North Avenue and Huguenot Street.  He said he would check into the status of its historic significance and whether all the necessary procedures have taken place and report on the radio

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  1. WVOX – In The City With Noam Bramson
    As Peggy points out here the Mayor will be on WVOX. He is on every other Tuesday alternating with the City Manager.

    This is teh time to ask your questions. Whether you agree with him or not the Mayor does try to answer the questions posed to him. There is some political manuvering but still this is a great chance to ask him what is on your mind one on one in a civil and productive manner.

    Call in. Let him know what you are thinking. I think the City Council people should have their own shows as well for the same reasons.

    Bruce K Negrin
    New Rochelle News & Views
    Thursday’s 8 pm WVOX 1460 Am

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