District employees disobeying orders concerning computer use.

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District personnel are blatantly disobeying a warning issued through inter office memo concerning the use of school computers. Although it has always been a “knowing” rule that school computers were to be used for educational purposes only, the district felt the need to remind employees of this policy once again.The memo states that Failure to abide by this rule would result in “disciplinary action.”
District employees visit Talk of the Sound on an everyday basis, logging in from school/district computers from early morning until early evening.I guess you could assume the evening readers are District Administration. One would have to think..”well how does the district disable the ability to be able to access a non-educational web site on a school/district computer?” Enter one Christine Coleman, Director of Technology, employed with the system since 2004 at a salary of $137,605. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FIVE DOLLARS!! Now, i’m not claiming to be a computer whiz by any means..then again no one pays me ONE HUNDRED THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FIVE DOLLARS to be one either..or I would be. So the question of the day is to Christine, can you only catch a man who viewed so much pornography on a district computer that it slowed down City Halls computer to a crawl, or can you do a much more detailed project like BLOCK ONE WEBSITE? Possibly you have blocked it from the little guys, but the “bigwigs” get card blanche? Not that we don’t like everyone comin’ round to see us, the more the merrier. Maybe Mr. O should get a detailed account of the logins?

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  1. deep throat is a key person
    deep throat is a key person and should not be restrained or hindered in any way. fortunately the elevator story will probably not cause an identity crisis as we are dealing with city hall folk.

    anyway, everyone knows that deep throat is linda lovelace. can’t we leave it at that

  2. Nobody will visit this site anymore…
    the district will outlaw this website next and cox will be out of business. Nobody cares anymore cox. You’re a fool

    1. Hey Mr “nobody will visit the site anymore”
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . You’re really funny ! (unless you’re realy 4 years old, in that case don’t play with the computer when mommy’s not around, ok sweetie ? )

    2. Lets see..so to put it in
      Lets see..so to put it in other words you are saying that its K12 people that keep this website going. A half correct observation on your part if I do say so myself. Not bad for a troll.

  3. UPDATE: Its 10 am..do you know where the k12 people are?
    Yes…signed right on to this site.
    In the lead is a K12’er who signed on at 8:10 this morning and managed to find enough interesting reading for 43 minutes..followed by a few more K12’ers who were in a little bit more of a hurry.
    Come on Christine..move it..move it…move it.

    1. Deep throat- you’ve been exposed
      Deepthroat is none other than Jeff Hastie ! Great work Jeff , I knew you would make a difference . You can come out now , we would all like to shake your hand . Keep up the good work !

      1. Exposed??
        I love the guessing game..you all stink at it.
        And just as a matter of curiousity..how come everyones trying to figure out who I am, and not who the other bloggers are…hmmm..could it be because I SPEAK FACTS? You should expend your energy making things right, instead of being a troll and attempting to quiet me! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! So continue on with your quest.

      2. Deepthroat
        Is obviously Martin Sanchez who is very disgruntled by all who surround him. You lied and cheated your way into politics in New Rochelle sanchez. Now you’re angry cause your lies have caught up with you. Please leave New Rochelle, nobody wants you here any longer. Take cox with you while you’re at it. New Rochelle was a much better place before you were on the board of ed. It will return to where it was before you arrived in a very short period of time. You’ve held New Rochelle back and now New Rochelle has gotten rid of it’s problem.

      3. this could be a very long list
        of guesses…there’s a lot of disgruntled people in NR aren’t there? Well you’re wrong again on your guess…

      4. The list isn’t that long – you are none other than……….
        someone who has participated in the corruption and abuses carried out by the system through the years. Realizing the end is near , you have seen the light and have chosen to attone for your evil behavior . Thank you Mr Organsciak !

    2. UPDATE#2:
      Second runner up is K12 viewer at 3:31 pm for 22 minutes..along with a dew K12 stragglers inbetween. Is Christine Coleman at work today?

  4. keep it coming deepthroat. I
    keep it coming deepthroat. I cant understand why anyone would have negative things to say about what you share.ALL have been true so far. Why wouldnt we want as fair as a district as possible. WE pay for it and WE should have a say in how it is run. Keep up the good work and I look forward to June 30 Board meeting!

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