“Two Fine Gentleman” Employed by New Rochelle Contractor Detained by ICE: 1 Jailed, 1 Deported

Written By: Robert Cox

They were apparently such “gentleman” one of them thought it would be a good idea to start whacking the other one on the head with a saw blade, sending him to the hospital. Now they’re both getting a one-way ticket south of the border, leaving their wives and children behind.

Vaya con dios, mis amigos!

The Connecticut Post is reporting that two workers for a New Rochelle-based contractor were arrested Wednesday in Derby, CT. Police discovered both men were in the country illegally and turned them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Two illegal immigrants were arrested Wednesday after one allegedly attacked the other with a saw blade while they were working on the renovations at the Valley Diner. The two men, employees of DeRaffele Manufacturing of New Rochelle, N.Y., got into an argument over the five-inch saw blade, police spokesman Lt. Justin Stanko said. “The argument was over the blade itself. One thought the other one had stolen it,” he said.

The argument led to one of the men, Robert Espinosa Amaro, 34, striking the other, Russell Cruz, 44, in the head several times with the blade, Stanko said. Amaro then took off to the nearby Lowe’s Home Improvement store, Stanko said, where he was arrested while leaving the store.

What is particularly troubling is the reaction of their employer who claims to have had no idea the pair were in the country illegally.

The company had no indication that either were in the country illegally, he said. “Both gave us Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses and had Social Security and taxes withheld from their checks,” he said. “Everything appeared to be legitimate.”

Really, you had no idea?

If everything really did appear legitimate, that would suggest that this employer from New Rochelle had no idea that the two men had committed fraud in using a fake social security number which is strange considering that the employer has to send the government payroll tax and put money into state works compensation and unemployment insurance funds. It would also suggests that the employer was printing up W-2s and no one at the IRS or New York State Tax Department noticed or that these two fine gentleman were not paying federal and state incomes taxes which means that in addition to charges related to this incident, they would both be looking at multiple counts of tax evasion. If they owned homes or vehicles that would be insurance fraud and various other forms of fraud. If they had real drivers licenses it would suggest that they bribed someone at the DMV or obtained fake IDs.

And this is the problem in a nutshell. In order to live and work illegally in the United States a person needs to violate dozens of state, federal and local laws ranging from paying income tax to housing violations to state insurance regulations not just one law (entering the country without going through customers or overstaying a visa). And there are plenty of American citizens willing to facilitate breaking the law in order to get cheap, exploitable and DISPOSABLE labor.

Does anyone really believe that Phil DeRaffele was shocked to discover two of his employees were illegal aliens?

Don’t feel to bad for him. While his two former employees will now have to deal with the repercussions of this incident for many years to come, employers like DeRaffele find 100 more gentleman waiting to take their place. This is not going to change until law enforcement and tax agencies force open the books of companies that hire illegal aliens and make them start to pay the true cost of hiring workers.

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  1. Obama’s only making it worse
    The e-verify clause was removed from the reinvestment act money handout . Why do you think that is . Is there really a downside to starting to enforce the laws that are already on the books . This is a simple truth – when the illegal element is discouraged/removed (through a process not neccesarilly a roundup) worker oppression will fall off , wages will go up , people will afford more, less slumlording , it’s all good . To the people who cry about cost of services going up , wake up nitwits . I can tell you first hand about construction , when someone bids a job for you , the all legal price isn’t that much different from the illegal price . You don’t really save anything but the contractor puts a whole lot more money in HIS pocket . God help you if there’s an insurance claim to file . It’s not an indictment of any nationality or race . It’s economics , when everyones doing better , we all do better . Seperate the chaff from the wheat so to speak , honest legal workers who WANT TO BECOME AMERICANS are more than welcome . The rest can GO HOME !

  2. Illegials
    Perhaps, the reason why our schools ARE over crowded is because we have many families that are in this country Illegally. Is someone from the school district looking into this matter over the summer?.

    1. illegals
      I say kick them all out!! they create nothing but problems and add nothing to our society or our culture. The west end of NR has turned into a disgusting dump of a neighborhood.

  3. Illegal aliens are a major problem right now…
    Never before in the past have they been such a problem. It’s time New Rochelle does a clean sweep on the illegals living in the west end. They are the ones forming the gangs. They are the ones doing the crime. There are no jobs for them right now, so they’re drinking and drugging and we must get rid of them NOW!!

    1. Basics economics
      You get what you pay for.

      The people you refer to are acting in an economically rationale way. They can make more money working in the United States than their home country and so they come to places where they can find work. So long as that is the case they will keep coming. Does that surprise anyone?

      Certain employers will keep hiring them because for certain types of work ranging from meat packing to daycare to housekeeping to construction work to yard work they cost less and do more. I am sure there are plenty of cases of illegal immigrants getting drunk, doing drugs or being involved in criminal behavior — and I have encountered such people — but the VAST majority of illegal immigrants come to the U.S. to make as much money as they can to provide for their family. What makes them attractive to employers is, in part, an incredible work ethic. At the same time, what makes them attractive is that because they are illegally in the country they can be exploited — cheated out of their pay, denied basic human rights

      There is economic rent that can be extracted by employers who can bid on jobs based on union scale and then staff the project with non-union workers, especially illegal immigrants. That is a very nice profit margin that goes into the pocket of the business. That same employer then bears little or none of the costs associated with attracting those workers in the first place. Getting mad at illegal immigrants for acting rationally is irrational. If you want people to stop sneaking into this county or overstaying their welcome you have to take away the incentive that motivates them — under-the-table jobs.

      Of course, you might want to think about that too because consumers and taxpayers also benefit from all this cheap labor. You might find your favorite restaurant closing because the cannot find enough kitchen workers to staff the place, you might find your taxes going up because contractors have to pay the real cost of hiring legal workers and so will have to bid higher on work, you may find resorts, hotels, golf courses closed because there is no one to clean up, change the sheets or cut the grass.

      What I think people should really consider is the arbitrary nature of the claims that there are 12-20 million illegal aliens in the United States today. Let’s call it 12 million as that is the figure most often cited. We have a policy that allows LEGAL immigration. As a country we WANT immigration. Why? The economic health of a country is a function of the death rate plus emigration less the birth rate plus immigration. Countries that have more people dying or leaving are contracting, their economy along with it. Scandinavian countries, Germany and other European country have been experiencing this for the past 2 decades. Their economies are, over the long-term, unsustainable as the average age of its population increases — in a social welfare system, less workers supporting more retirees means bankruptcy.

      We have that same issue here but not to the extent they have it in Europe. ONE reason we have less of a problem here is because the average age of our population is being kept down by younger people immigrating to the U.S.

      I believe we can all agree that we want less illegal immigration but simply packing up 12 million people on trucks and planes will be very bad for American citizens. It would be highly traumatic for our economy and bad from a demographic perspective. The fact is that our economy has been able to absorb these 12 million people. It might well be that the problem is not that illegal immigration is too high but that the caps we placed on legal immigration are too low. There is no “right” number on what immigration should be and it could well be that a healthy amount of immigration would be 30 million people not 12 million. If that were the case then the 12 million people we do have is far too low. Ever consider that?

      As for illegals forming gangs and doing crime, I think if you look into it further you will find that Latino gangs were formed IN RESPONSE TO existing non-Latino gangs in New Rochelle. Also, if you check the police blotter you will not find much support for you notion that Latino criminals are filling our jails.

      1. You’re leaving out the most important factor Illegal immigrants.
        from central america bring to the United states. More than half of them now send 75% of their paycheck home to their families. They aren’t living here and they have no intention of living here. In many cases when their wives are close to giving birth they come to our country and give birth here cause our hospitals are better. Our country is losing $350 million dollars a day to illegals coming from central american countries. It isn’t racism sanchez, it’s called protectionism. Do not skew words of protecting the united states with racism. That money is being lost and is not coming back to our country. Main reason New Rochelle businesses are closing is due to the myriad of illegals living there and not spending a single dime. They are working the jobs cox speaks of, but they’re not spending any money pumping it back into our economy. They’re not buying new rochelle and they certainly don’t contribute to the taxes in our city. They don’t own homes or apartments and this is killing our school system. You know this to be true as do all of our politicians around the country. Nobody speaks of it, but it’s a fact. If anything you are a racist for calling someone else a racist.

      2. A mind is a terrible thing to lose (or is it lost already?)
        The facts you speak of are no where to be found except in the figment of your imagination. All research point in a different direction. Read! Your portrayal of your facts are elementary, uneducated and superficial. Obviously, your world view is constrained by what you see outside your window. Imagine blaming undocumented workers for all of the ills of New Rochelle. What a pathetic and immoral person you are. Read a book man! By the way, what is your name?

        Martin Sanchez

    2. Racists should be flogged and then deported
      While the incident (assault) mentioned here is certainly one which needs to be dealt with by the police, I disagree with your characterization of how our immigration problem should be dealt with. It is not simply a law enforcement issue or a tax issue. It is a more complicated problem. Your solution is no different that the solutions that many virulent racist have been making for many years. We need to have a meaningful and constructive discussion about ways of resolving lengthy waits for people who have legitimately waited to have their petitions adjudicated. This is a problem of governmental ineptitude. The fact that we have an overwhelming number of undocumented immigrants is a testament to an economy that has pulled them here seeking better opportunities, but also a reality of US foreign policy of oppression and meddling in the affairs of poor nations. The solution is not simple. It takes courage to think about solutions for people who have been in suspended animation for so long, yet they have quietly contributed positively to building our nation in many facets. Recognizing this takes vision and courage and to take the simple knee-jerk reaction of McCarthyism says more about the true nature of the person who denounces all undocumented immigrants, when in reality, they are also beneficiaries of their labor. Note please that when denouncing undocumented immigrants, these very same racists confuse the issue by denigrating all immigrants, especially people of color or people who may not speak English. Have the courage to stop being a hypocrite and think before making comments that are at best pedestrian and incendiary. Gracias,
      Martin Sanchez

      1. Any Blanket amnesty should include NO VOTING RIGHTS
        Whatever the outcome of the illegal immigration issue for those that have been here illegally for some time, any amnesty program or any other decision that grants illegals residency should include the absence of any voting rights. Firstly, the issue has become political. With an estimated 30 million + illegals, they represent a huge voting block, secondly, it sets up a dangerous presidence that undermines the country. And lastly, their first action in this country was to break the law. American citizens who commit felonies lose voting rights, why should illegals gain them? NO VOTING RIGHTS EVER for illegals. Then let the politicians debate the issue without the vote buying issue on the table.

      2. democrats WANT them to vote
        Who else will be in favor of social programs ? This would give the dems an instant voting block . To do so because it’s right for the country is one thing , to do it solely to win a race is one more form of exploitation . Sad but true .

      3. They won’t get voting rights..
        you must be a citizen to vote in this country.. Although, there is something to be said for people who pay their taxes and work hard but get no right to vote. I have to think that’s not really fair. There are many issues that need to be hashed out and both sides have good points. We must be weary and very apprehensive against reverse racists who meddle their way into politics and try to gain power for the wrong reasons. People like Martin Sanchez for example. It’s a good thing the latino community of New Rochelle turned against him. He tried to undermine everyone in the city, sorry sanchez, ADIOS!!!

      4. Census
        Already the politics of the new census are starting. Illegal immigrants count towards the total population which determines how many seats in the house of representatives a district gets. Even the long form of the new census never asks residency status, though it asks at the hour and minute you leave for work in the morning and how many bathrooms your house has.

      5. The democrats love this
        Sign em up , let em vote , who else wants socialism and social programs more than the dems ? The illegals that’s who .

      6. illegal voting
        I totally agree…lets not forget they have already commited a crime by being here illegally!

      7. Is ‘undocumented’ the politically correct way to say ‘illegal’?
        Or is it the difference between someone who is in the process of becoming a citizen as opposed to someone who snuck in over a border illegally?

        Everyone who is in this country is an immigrant or a descendant of one. Including the Native Americans whose ancestors emigrated over the ‘land bridge’ connecting Alaska fifteen thousand years ago to first set foot on this continent.

        There should be no ‘denigrating’ or ‘denouncing’ of immigrants, of course that would be hypocritical since we are a country built by a “melting pot” of people. But a civil society should abide by its laws and not diminish the efforts of all the people before them who did all the right things to become citizens of this great land of opportunity.

        As a child of immigrant parents, I witnessed first hand how anyone who is willing to work hard can achieve. But more importantly, I witnessed the love, gratitude and loyalty of two people towards a country that they knew was like no other. Both of their original certificates of citizenship proudly displayed for more than fifty years. Sparking conversations of how young “grandma and grandpa” look in these photos.

        At times, I think that the many immigrants who have been given a chance at opportunity, may appreciate this country more than we who are privileged to have been born here. I hope we don’t take ‘our country’ for granted.

      8. illegals..
        again i say get them all out! stop catering to the needs of illegals, stop printing stuff in english and spanish and send them all home! AND if you are going to write things in a language other than english why not cover all the languages…isn’t it unfair to only put things in spanish? what about italian, french or korean…don’t these people have a write to read and understand… LEARN ENGLISH and be a productive member of our society and stop lurking around waiting to destory, use and then leave this country. get out now i say!

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