About life in SoNo

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SONO NEW SECTION TO BEGIN… you want to know what it is like to live in SONO..our downtown neighborhood association…you have great people and professionals like Ron and Paul, who are part of SoNo’s bike club…Ron a professional heads up the bike club…Paul who, with his wife, is chair of the great Davenport Lofts condo association and works at Columbia, but has invested so much..”I love SoNo” one can be heard..Jazz, art, people, the place is jumping…along with Brian and his fiancé who work at Credit Suisse….who live in the historic lofts (once Bloomingdales building here in Westchester, now beautiful lofts that would make your mind wonder with imagination of what it was and the ceilings height add to the value)….easy on Metro North in and out of the city..time is well spent here..

SONO COOKOUT BEING PLANNED FOR RESIDENTS…..a gathering of our downtown neighbors is planned..for our residents, a cool, fun, summer event..stay tuned..for more info….

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