Organislak and board reneg on budget lobby promise

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

It was refreshing to hear how the board claimed to have heard the issues raised by the public in the weeks prior to the budget vote . Always sensitive to those who pay their salaries and afford them their status in the community, it seemed they really got it this time . More transparancy , letting us know the issues ,BEFORE, the meetings, so we could comment PRIOR to them voting on agenda items . It was as if there was some headway made . But Nooooooooo. As soon as the check cleared it was back to the usual “behind closed doors” boiler room dealings that many complained about . Oh Jeff , c’mon out now , here’s where you’re supposed to show us your reform platform . What’s that ? You have to check with Ms Polow first ? That’s OK , we didn’t expect much from you anyway. I’ll send out for some pizza for you guys and maybe Ms Henry could get you all some cots because if you’re going to go over personnel ISSUES, Lord knows you’ll be in there for a while since there are so many issues. Unless of course you hold true to the old ways and just give the offenders a raise . THAT won’t take long at all. Right ? Shame shame shame