New Rochelle Monument Restoration Celebration Today

Written By: Robert Cox

City of New Rochelle press release:

The restoration of three significant monuments adorning the east and west entranceways to the City’s central business district will be celebrated at a ceremony on Wednesday, July 1 at 11:00 a.m. at the World War I monument, Faneuil Park, at the East Junction of Main and Huguenot Streets. In case of inclement weather the ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 2 at 11:30 a.m.

The Soldier’s Monument (1895), Eliza and Dr. Peter Moulton Memorial (1914) and World War I Memorial (1921) had each suffered considerably through the decades from soiling and moderate decay. The Monument Restoration Project was approved by the Council in 2008 and began in March 2009 under the direction of the Department of Public Works. Ben D’Onofrio, Construction Engineer, was assigned as the Project Manager. The preservation assessment was performed by Jablonski Building Conservation and restoration work was accomplished by Archa Technologies and Steve Tatti. The total cost of the project is estimated to be approximately $100,000.

“Our monuments commemorate the extraordinary sacrifices made by generations of New Rochelleans to advance the cause of freedom throughout the world,” said Mayor Noam Bramson. “They are also wonderful examples of artistry that lend grace and beauty to their surroundings.”

The mayor further asserted that the City has a responsibility to maintain these public treasures, so that they will continue to shape and inspire our community. “In this spirit, I offer sincere thanks to the many individuals who gave of their time and expertise to these exceptional restoration efforts, and I express my hope that we will be able to restore all of New Rochelle’s monuments to the former luster.”


The World War I Memorial
Located in Faneuil Park, at the east junction of Main and Huguenot Streets, the monument was dedicated in December, 1921, In Memoriam “To the men of New Rochelle who served in the Great War for the rights of humanity”. The monument was designed and erected by the New Rochelle Art Association.

The Soldier’s Monument
Built with funds raised by New Rochelle school children and citizens in a village-wide effort coordinated by the Civil War Veterans of the New Rochelle G.A.R. Flandreau Post, the Soldier’s Monument was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1895. T he Monument honors the 300 New Rochelle men who died in the Civil War, War of 1812, and Revolutionary War.

The Eliza and Dr. Peter Moulton Memorial, located on Main Street at Pintard Avenue, just south of the Soldier’s Monument, was erected as a memorial to Eliza Moulton “a friend of dumb animals” and her father Peter, “the beloved physician”. Located in the roadway junction in the heart of the downtown, it served as a drinking trough for horses and other “dumb animals”.

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