Parking Ticket Problems in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

Via Twitter, well-known blogger C.K. Sample writes about getting bogus parking tickets from the New Rochelle Police Department:

…although the ticket has our vehicle tag listed, the color listed is wrong, we never received the initial ticket, and it was issued at 8:45 in the morning while Kristin was at work in the Bronx with the car. We looked up the address on the ticket on Google Maps to be confronted with a residential street where neither of us have ever been. After seeing this was wrong we pulled up a file with other parking tickets that we’ve received and paid in the past.

We had received a late notice once before and we assumed that it was for one time when we parked without paying the meter, so we just paid it without looking closely. Now that we’re actually looking at the ticket information again, we discover that yet again this was a ticket issued around 8:45am in the morning in an area where neither of us have ever been and on a day that Kristin was already at work and parked.

2 thoughts on “Parking Ticket Problems in New Rochelle”

  1. New trend in ticket writing
    They issue you a ticket while you still have time on the meter. If there is 5 minutes left, they don’t feel like waiting around or coming back, so i guess they assume you’re not going to make it. I’ve seen it happen in front of Citibank on North avenue and have spoken to store owners in the area that have heard the stories from there customers. BTW. Ticket prices have risen to 25.00 – nice way to drive away customers.

  2. Dishonest meter guy
    Could have been issued by that Hispanic Meter guy who drives around the Code Enforcement Car (think he has a brother Hugo). Not the most honest guy in the world. When the Federation Thrift Shop was still on North Ave (between Main and Huguenot), I witnessed him stealing a dress shirt. Pulled it right towards him and covered it with his rain jacket. Told the guy, think his name was Don, but he let it go. Probably a $5 shirt at most. Stole from a charity, nice. So, every time I see this guy, I just wonder the kind of tricks he’s pulled with tickets. Always check them out.

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