City of New Rochelle Disputes Talk of the Sound Report of “Police Escort” for Bernis Shapiro

Written By: Robert Cox

8F3D86A3-857E-410B-AC13-2436900C203D.jpgThe City of New Rochelle is disputing our exclusive report that former Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro was “escorted” from the building by police on Thursday after being fired by City Manager Chuck Strome.

That all depends on the definition of “escort”.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound that Detective Sergeant William Olszewski, head of the Special Investigations Unit of the New Rochelle Police Department was called to City Hall as part of the process of “suddenly retiring” Shapiro. Olszewski, not in uniform, waited in the City Manager’s office suite “just in case” while Shapiro packed up after she was informed of her “sudden retirement” by Strome. Shortly after Shapiro left so did Olszewski. Meanwhile, another police officer was stationed outside the building, near Shapiro’s car, to make sure she was not taking any City documents with her.

Apparently the City believe that since Olszewski did not take Shapiro by the arm or that the cop waiting outside in the parking lot did not place her in her own vehicle that the two cops on the scene did not constitute an “escort” per se and therefore felt justified in denying our report.

We stand corrected, Bernis Shapiro was not escorted from City Hall after being fired for insubordination; instead, a couple of cops decided to hang out near her office and her car just for the fun of it moments after she suddenly decided to retire last Thursday.

Is that better, Chuck?

6 thoughts on “City of New Rochelle Disputes Talk of the Sound Report of “Police Escort” for Bernis Shapiro”

  1. Retirement Party
    Can someone tell me when the retirement party is? I’m sure the taxpayers are footing te bill for that too so why not get some eats out of the deal? Tweleve years of service and allowed to retire with full bebefits, if that’s not corrupt I don’t know what is!

  2. Why wouldn’t she be escorted ?
    In the corporate world , or most any organization for that matter , anyone leaving their job is more often than not “accompanied” by someone from security as a precaution , to protect everyone involved . Given the sensitive nature of Ms Shapiro’s position you would EXPECT her to be accompanied as she clears out her personal belongings . Laptops , CD rom files , flash drives , paperwork , don’t you want to make sure nothing gets misplaced ? Retired , fired , it doesn’t matter . Escorted , accompanied , shadowed , it’s all semantics . This is common practice , was Mr Strome negligent in looking after the city’s interest ? None of it really matters . The real issue is why was Ms Shapiro leaving so suddenly ? 12 years of service and it’s over an argument about who gets to fire someone. Find out what really happened and THAT will be the story the public needs to know . What’s the story Mr Strome , no really , you can tell us , you’re among friends 🙂

  3. Strome
    Its hard to believe a person as simple as Strome is running a City of 72,000 people. He shouldn’t be running a hot dog stand.

    1. Buffalohead
      The City is as corrupt as they come. Couple lawsuits coming down the pike, most directed towards the fire dept.

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