New Rochelle Scales Back FIreworks DIsplay

Written By: Robert Cox

New Rochelle joined many cities around the country in scaling back its fireworks display for its Independence Day celebration:

Fireworks shows are being canceled or scaled back, mostly in small and midsize cities, as municipalities’ tax revenue dries up with the slowing economy and falling home prices. Funding from corporate sponsorships also has fizzled as businesses deal with economic problems of their own.

But fog horns still sounded and the crowd clapped appreciatively for New Rochelle’s “Spark the Sound” Independence Day Extravaganza produced by the world’s leading pyrotechnics company, Grucci Fireworks.

3 thoughts on “New Rochelle Scales Back FIreworks DIsplay”

  1. Can anyone answer why…
    …the beach in front of the Indoor Pavilion at Five Islands was blocked off to the public during the Fourth of July fireworks display? Police were stopping the public from entering the area by saying it was a ‘private’ party. The bathrooms were off-limits also. Why would there be a ‘private’ party allowed at a ‘public’ park on a ‘national’ holiday?

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