New Rochelle Biking Initiatives Garner Attention for Queen City as Green City

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41D599E9-3BDB-44B4-A121-76835A520782.jpgIn June, Talk of the Sound reported on the
New Bike Rack Requirements
passed by the New Rochelle City Council.

Cyclists turned out in force at City Hall on June 16 to testify in favor of a proposed law to mandate bicycle racks on all residential developments containing ten or more dwelling units. In mixed use and non-residential developments with l0 or more parking spaces, a bicycle parking facility must be provided. If it is not possible to provide parking space for bicycle racks, a payment can be made to the City’s “Bicycle Rack Fund.”

Writing in the Journal News Alexander Roberts, executive director of White Plains-based Community Housing Innovations, which serves Westchester and the Hudson Valley, approvingly noted the New Rochelle bike rack initiative. Roberts notes that suburban communities are embracing cycling as part of a growing national trend that brings the U.S. more in line with other countries around the world:

Most of the developed world recognizes that the bicycle is a legitimate means of transportation for the nearly 50 percent of trips less than 3 miles, and 28 percent of one mile or less in metropolitan areas, based on national transportation studies

A hyper-local news blog in the “other” Queen City in our area, Plainfield, New Jersey, sees New Rochelle offering a lesson for Plainfield.

Plainfield and New Rochelle, NY, have many similarities besides both being known as ‘the Queen City’, and New Rochelle has recently done something that Plainfield may want to consider doing. Transit-oriented development (TOD) is becoming the buzzword for both as these leafy suburbs with urban issues face the opportunities being brought by the rejuvenation of towns along rail lines

What has New Rochelle done that Plainfield should take to heart? It’s requiring bike racks in new residential and mixed-use developments of ten or more units (read more on the town’s blog-of-record Talk Of The Sound here).

Why should Plainfield consider this a good idea, one worth copying? Well, it has to do with one of the contentious elements of TOD, transit-oriented development. (read the rest)

The bike rack initiative is one of several initiatives in New Rochelle to embrace cycling as a healthy and green activity.

SoNo New Ro, is intrinsically green by nature and walkable (though the timing of our cross walks desperately need changing). Living downtown, people can shop at a farmers market, go to stores, and walk or bike to the nine miles of waterfront we are blessed with here. New Rochelle should build on this to create a more bike friendly environment like that found all over Europe.

Alex Roberts, a good friend and a not for profit director of affordable homes, and myself, are both big believers in biking as a way to save the earth and affect global warming. SoNo has a bike ride coming up in August that will go around the downtown and throughout the city. We encourage you to join us.

The So No Bike Club, whose officers include members from the Lofts, the Davenport and Avalon buildings, all believe it is time to capitalize on making this a Bike Friendly City. Every week we have a meeting or conference call during the week on the subject of increasing biking in our city. Every Sunday we go on a ride. If you would like to join us contact Ron (917-627-7647) or Jim (914-403-4821). Whether for fun, for a serious work out or to change the way we live and work in New Rochelle by biking as part of a daily community we hope you will join in and be part of changing New Rochelle for the better. You will love it!

Learn More at SoNo NewRo Online

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  1. Blue Smoke and Mirrors
    The economy is tanking, unemployment is at an all time high, the housing market is non-existent, conglomerates are on the verge of bankruptcy, New Rochelle staff is approaching all unions to defer contractual raises and city council is focused on bike racks for future development. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat past mistakes. Considering the aforementioned it looks like Bramson fiddles while New Rochelle burns!

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