New Rochelle Mourns Passing of City Clerk Dorothy Allen

Written By: Robert Cox

070FE537-B812-45A1-8A3B-EBE3F3A19E20.jpgNew Rochelle City Clerk Dorothy Allen passed away on June 3rd, 2009.

Her daughter Diane has a blog and wrote about her mother’s passing here:

My mother died in the hospital on Wednesday, June 3. Losing her is the saddest thing I’ve known. We were once the same person. And for all our differences there were so many things we had in common, so many ways in which we were perfectly aligned. Always, we loved each other. She was my mother and now she is gone.

Mayor Noam Bramson published the eulogy he wrote for her memorial service today which closed with the following:

New Rochelle is today a diminished place, having lost one of its best and most admired citizens, but it is also a better place because of all that Dorothy Allen did and all that Dorothy Allen represented.