New Rochelle Historian Barbara Davis Releases New Book on City’s Storied History

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8655B547-7F08-4E1D-AFF4-12484F0E0774.jpgBarbara Davis has inspired us with her work at the Library for years with her talks and walks, her tours and lures of exciting people to hear music and learn about the great History of New Rochelle. Now you can buy New Rochelle (Images of America), a new book on the great History of New Rochelle. It is available at the New Rochelle Public Library and online through,

New Rochelle (Images of America) is amazing, with stories and pictures of New Rochelle, with stories of greats like Lou Gehrig, and the Civil War History, the art and music greats that were here and are here..all proceeds go to the New Rochelle Public Library’s History Efforts.

Here is the blurb from

Product Description

Soon after the first train barreled through town on December 25, 1848, New Rochelle was transformed from a quiet agricultural community into one of America’s premier suburban communities. At the beginning of the 20th century, New Rochelle became a sought-after residential community, just 45 minutes from Broadway. Sweeping waterfront views and recreation, a rapidly growing retail center, and a deep history led to tremendous growth and prosperity. Because of its two commuter rails, and later the advent of the automobile, the city’s population more than quadrupled in four decades, reaching 54,000 by 1930. New Rochelle attracted and inspired an extraordinary number of prominent individuals in the arts, theater, finances, sports, and social activism. Among these national trendsetters are such notables as artist Norman Rockwell, sports legend Lou Gehrig, and suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt.

About the Author

Barbara Davis is the city historian for New Rochelle and the community relations coordinator for the New Rochelle Public Library. The images in New Rochelle, culled from the New Rochelle Public Library’s extensive collection, capture the people, places, and events of this unique but microcosmic American community.

You can buy New Rochelle (Images of America) here:

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4 thoughts on “New Rochelle Historian Barbara Davis Releases New Book on City’s Storied History”

  1. Barbara Davis for Mayor !
    When you hear the b.s. (not bachelor of science) put out by the mayor and even Mr Fertel (c’mon Barry do you really believe yourself) you have to wonder if they have the slightest notion of what historic preservation means . As they sit there on their throne and proclaim their sensitivity to preserving history and pointing to the recent efforts on the works at either end of Main St you can’t help but compare it to something like saying “Let it be known, I never beat my wife, or I always obey the law”. Maintaining these monuments is routine and expected . If it weren’t for the efforts of someone like Mrs Davis, these works of art would have gone to waste. In fact , the reason it was so expensive is that the mayor and council has ignored these things so long only to be embarrased into it during a fiscally strapped year. Maintaining these types of history should be as routine as maintaining the streetlights or maintaining the parks. It was, by any means, the right thing to do, and thank you for it, but it hardly shows a committment to historical preservation. Somebody told me this was done only to counter the claims that you folks have no sense of history given the uproar about the post office and the Armory. Could that be true? Please council and mayor, save your bluster for when you do something beyond what is expected. Simply employing the least amount of effort and then bragging about it looks, dare I say it, wrong. Right?

  2. Anything with Barbara Davis is Noteworthy
    It’s always a pleasure and educational when you talk with Barbara . When she starts to talk about anything historical her passion for her work brings you along for the ride . Always interesting, always informative , one of New Rochelle’s natural treasures . Thank you Ms Davis !

  3. Book is a treasure
    I saw a copy of the book and it is something anyone who is interested in the history of New Rochelle will treasure.

    1. Not to City Council
      The NR City Council must hate this book as the citizenry will now realize the total disrespect the current and past administrations have had for preserving NR history. Let’s buy Noam a copy maybe he’ll wake up and realize the Armory is near the top of the list!

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