Tom Daly to speak at the Norman Rockwell Habitat ReStore on Sunday, July 19th, at 1PM

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** Note Correct Date is July 19th and not this Sunday the 12th **

One of the most beloved artists in American history, Norman Rockwell captured everyday life with exquisite detail and attention. In the 1960s,  Rockwell ended his career with the  Saturday Evening Post and began working for Look, a publication that utilized his illustrations to comment on current events. Rockwell’s first commission for Look was The Problem We All Live With, a painting that portrayed 6-year-old Ruby Bridges being escorted to a racially integrated kindergarten by U.S. Marshalls . The painting introduced Rockwell as a voice for the Civil rights Movement, and his illustrations effectively brought that topic into the homes of Americans. Delve into the artistic career and social commentary of Norman Rockwell as you join us for this interesting look at one of America’s favorite Artists Norman Rockwell New Kids in the Neighborhood

With Thomas Daly, curator of education at Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass., delve into the work that was produced by Rockwell during the Civil Rights Movement, and learn how these illustrations influenced the era. Continue on to learn about Rockwell’s painting process, beginning with an idea and moving through his use of live models. You meet Wray Gunn, a member of the museum’s interpretive staff who was also one of the young children who modeled for Rockwell in his painting New Kids in the Neighborhood.

Norman Rockwell Habitat ReStore, 591 Main St. New Rochelle

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