Happy Ending for Downtown New Rochelle Lingerie Merchant

Written By: Robert Cox

Aman Ali and the Journal News got results with a story about a mean-spirited greedy landlord who was forcing out a long-time merchant in downtown New Rochelle to make way for yet another cell phone store along Main Street. Or, the property owner was pressured by sympathetic allies at the offices of New Rochelle’s Business Improvement District into giving up thousands of dollar in rental income. Or an entrepreneur who was prepared to spends $50,000 to build out a frumpy, decaying retail space in the heart of the downtown business district and put in brand new store selling high-tech communications equipment has been scared off from investing in New Rochelle. Depends on how you look at the story.

In any case, the Journal News is reporting that Esther Einstein was informed over the weekend by Perry Gault Management Company that the owner of the cell phone store decided not to sign the lease for the space so she will be allowed to stay at her current location for the time being with the understanding that she will make a serious effort to sell the business.

Here is how the story went down in the JN…

BEFORE: For more rent, landlord to shut 39-year store

AFTER: Mastectomy lingerie store’s lease renewed