Council may approve l0 Stories along North Avenue

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The August special meeting of Council will be on the North Avenue study. According to Councilman Lou Trangucci in the study which comprised the area from Garden Street to Eastchester Road there are 12 places where 10 story buildings can be approved. 

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  1. The roadway is a major route
    The roadway is a major route North to South.
    The parking is a huge issue.
    Lanes that appear and then disappear is an issue.
    The City is spending resources enforcing the Fertel Parking rules it already takes way to much time to travel to the Transit Center.
    I think King is a bit wacky and somehow there are so many other issues that this should follow those issues. LeCount the failed and almost dead project!
    New Roc Retail show us your target lease.
    Echo Bay dead and full of a stink like the sewage and sludge within it.
    Letting the Armory rot rather than make it part of the fabric of New Rochelle.
    The concept of cleaning up North Avenue is a good idea but the scale they are going for is wrong.
    Unless the right ballance is achieved this won’t work.
    How many projects will Mayor Bramson Champion without success? Sooner or later he needs to get one done.
    Hey mayor I have one or two for you. Fix how lanes appear and disappear on North Avenue.
    Fix the Memorial Highway over pass so a pedestrian can get under without being victim to Pidgeon droppings.
    Have the City Manager put some time into the Transit center since that is the gateway for visitors into New Rochelle. Get out of your office walk the City and get Strome III to fix some of the small issues in the City before taking on another Development nightmare!!!

  2. “Great News ” Must be Blind!
    “Great News,” uses the the traditional sterreotypical phrase of the person who looks at a situation through sectarian emotions, rather than through facts, “you people!” How many times have we heard that phrase used to smear an entire group of people?
    “Great News ” needs to review recent New Rochelle political election history to see that the NR Republicans have increased their number of council seats from one to three seats on the city cuncil. One shy of a majority. Thus your prediction “no shot on anything ever again in New Rochelle is incorrect.I’ll agree there is change in NR, but its going towards the Republicans who understand the plight of the middle and working classes in N. Rochelle and don’t cower to Big Developers. Maybe “Great News should move to a Democratic Stronghold like Manhattan!!!
    Robin Hood

  3. I really hope this goes
    I really hope this goes through! There are several blocks, on both sides of the street, that should be bulldozed and rebuilt. Then they should bulldoze Hartly Houses and the Bracey complex. If they also get the chance, revisit IKEA off of Fifth Ave. They should of let that project happen when they had the chance. Knock it all down!!!! For those of you who think I’m being sarcastic, I’m not. They really need to do this!

    1. Why only these neighborhoods?
      Why don’t we be objective and knock down by the age of the buildings so we can do it uniformly throughout the city? I am also not being sarcastic, just fair minded. Apparently there is no interest in the rich history of this city. And no development is exempt from demolition.

  4. That’s great news for New Rochelle
    It’s about time New Rochelle is stepping up and becoming a real city! We have an excellent government and people leading us for change! I don’t understand all the hype. Obviously this is a republican sided site which wants the power back. Unfortunately your people almost destroyed New Rochelle when you were in charge. The New Rochelle republicans might as well pack up and move to Eastchester. You have no shot of anything ever again in New Rochelle. You’re party is finished here.

    1. Can you be any more vague?
      Republicans almost destroyed New Rochelle? Can you give some examples? Because I can give you dozens of examples of how the democrats have wasted millions of dollars, over paid for property that was owned by the city auditors as a kick-back and have mismanaged. Please, a little more specific or why bother posting?

      1. What about the 2,000,000
        What about the 2,000,000 paid for the old bloomingdales parking lot? DemocRATS payback to their buddies. That lot was worth at most 500,000 at the time. Who gave it away, the present county clerk?

      2. How’s all this development
        How’s all this development gonna work with undermanned police and fire dept’s?Both dept’s are down manpower now and the city wants layoffs. Don’t people realize it takes manpower to move equipment up hi-rises?

    2. Explain how this became a Republican or Democratic issue
      I don’t understand how anyone can talk in such specific terms about a plan that has not been presented to the public. Obviously the issue is not Republican or Democratic but the best interests of the residents. For starters, tell us where the parking is provided for the l0 story buildings? And, why has a developer been allowed to subsidize this study. Are all New York City commuters living in New Rochelle supposed to use a bicycle to get to the train? Answers are needed.

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