New Rochelle BoE, FUSE, PTA, Strangle Taxpayer

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9B3DAE76-CFB3-417A-89C2-B9BD67254ADF.jpgYou can’t make this stuff up . Read this paragraph again from the Marty Daly investigation post:

So, if you are a parent with a concern about a particular teacher and seek to raise that concern up the chain of command within the District you will ultimately find yourself dealing with Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and then Board of Education now run by Sara Richmond and Chrisanne Petrone. Defending that teacher will be the President of F.U.S.E., Marty Daly. If you seek to enlist the support of the New Rochelle PTA you will find yourself in front of…Marty Daly. If you try to go up the chain of command within the PTA you will find yourself in front of…Chrisanne Petrone.

Do you hear that little voice again telling you somethings wrong here ? We’re being strangled by the ploy of the week .

Now read this excerpt from Section 74 Code of Ethics of the NYS Commission on Public Integrity:

An officer or employee of a state agency, member of the legislature or legislative employee should endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that he is likely to be engaged in acts that are in violation of his trust.” That’s just the begining . There are many more sections covering conflict of interest issues , handling money in which you are a contributor, improper lobbying and on and on.

So, our little Martian -FUSE , PTA , signator of the welfare fund , lobbyist , political influence ,full time pay for a .2 position . And now Ms Petrone ? Ethics , especially when applied to public servants , not only envelopes actually doing the wrong thing , it also involves the impression of wrong doing , and we certainly have our share of THAT.

Thank you to all of the vigilant reporters who push this stuff into the daylight and provide the real story . Sunlight is the best disinfectant . You might ask “what can I do about it “? Plenty.

For starters, you can e-mail the NYS Commission on Public Integrity at [email protected] or write them at;

540 Broadway
Albany NY 12207

You can also contact;

Office of the State Comptroller
Local government and school accountability
e-mail [email protected]

Office of Inspector General
e-mail [email protected]

NYS Office of the Attorney General
web form -go to –

They are all interested in ethics in government and voices will be heard (not like here in NR).

You’ve read the stories , tell them what you think (nicely of course) send a copy of something you’ve read if you can’t decide what to write . The main thing is that you tell them somethings wrong . Right?

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