Louis Cappelli Has 8 Hour Emergency Brain Surgery

Written By: Robert Cox

Saw this on Channel 12 News.

Story was that he was in the shower and leaned forward and felt a massive pain in his head. His wife (pictured here with him at a charity event) convinced him to get medical attention. He was found to have a brain aneurysm and he was rushed into emergency medical surgery. He was in bed recovering when he spoke to Channel 12. He sounded pretty good for a guy who just had brain surgery. He said he would be back at work on Monday.

I guess that’s the benefit of having one of your reporters dating Cappelli’s spokesman.

Other than that Noam Bramson saw his political future flash before his eyes and nearly fainted, what else do we know?

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  1. get well
    hope that people take this at face value. wish you the speediest of recoveries. probably in the minority but you have been better for this city than most give you credit. not your fault that we don’t have enough skill on board to negotiate mutually beneficial deals like grown-ups

    warren gross

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