Three Documents the Board of Education Does Not Want You to See

Written By: Robert Cox

We may do a story on these documents later but we have them and figure we may as well as provide them to the community. These are important documents that kept well hidden from the prying eyes of New Rochelle residents.

The By-Laws for the Board of Education

This document is well-worth reading if only because if you do read it you will be far ahead of the members of the Board of Education and the administration of the school district who have apparently never read the by-laws for the BoE. For example, board members routinely interrupt speakers if they do not like what they have to say — as Julia Robinson found out at the last meeting when Chrisanne Petrone interrupted here. Of course, I have been routinely interrupted by board members and criticize for anything from my tone of voice, demeanor, manner of dress and topic.

The Street Directory

You would think this document was a rare historic document like an original copy of the Declaration of Independence or the Dead Sea Scrolls the way it is passed down from generation to generation within the BoE and kept strictly away from the grubby little hands of the hoi polloi. In a time when we have Mapquest, GPS and computer databases you have to wonder why the BoE is still working from a copy of a hand-typed document created in 1985 when Jim Gaddy was the Superintendent. Want to have some fun? Drop by City Hall someday, ask for a copy of this street directly and watch BoE employees scramble to hide behind their desks.

Code of Conduct – FULL Version

Gaze and behold! What you have here is the Holy Grail of BoE documents. For many years parents have duped into believing the document they receive each summer along with the District calendar is the Code of Conduct. Look closely. What do you see? The version parents have been getting for years is the “Summary Code of Conduct”. Why the summary? The full version is only 8 printed pages (16 pages, printed front and back). Is that much extra to mail the FULL version? Nope. Compare the document provided here with the version sent to parents all these many years and you will find that EVERY section that pertains to the obligations of the district to parents has been chopped out so that all the remains is the parts about the obligation of students and parents to the district. Heck, why would a parent or student want to know their rights? Just remember when the District is slapped with a massive civil rights lawsuit, the District failure to distribute the full version (and to follow it) to parents and students will play a large role. Basically, every student who has been suspended or expelled by the District has had their civil rights violated — right to a hearing, right to call witnesses, right to appeal, etc. Don’t worry, it’s just the Constitution of the United States our BoE has been trampling on lo these many years. No biggie!

One thought on “Three Documents the Board of Education Does Not Want You to See”

  1. Trampling the Constitution.
    When our federal and state governments disregard the constitution what can we expect from the BOE.
    The federal census takers demand personal information. the state and local governjments seize private property to improve their tax rolls and the BOE disregards civil rights.
    People need to show up at the BOE meetings with “torches and pitchforks”.

    J. Wagner

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