Thanks Bruce , Advice We Could All Use

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I agree , in these times we all need to pay more attention to the conditions around us . From Echo Bay to LeCount Place to our school taxes , Avalon 911 calls , budget contractions , Board of Ed challenges , and on and on , there hasn’t been this much focus on so many issues for as long as I can remember . Personally , I support this kind of participation by the citizens . I once wrote that things will get better and perhaps it will have more to do with what we do rather than the politicians , and believe me , the more we get involved , in anything/ everything , the better New Rochelle will be for all of us .

More to your point , in Armory Antics ,I discussed the NR Council on Arts and how they were proposing 13 million to further their support . Let me say , I do support the arts and the richness it brings to society , but what I don’t understand how the NRCA and the Armory issues could , or more importantly , should be at odds with each other . Obviously , I am lobbying for the legally required public use of the Armory and there can be no doubt about the amazing possibilities . There’s no need to put one agenda above another considering how both of these causes can only put New Rochelle at the top of it’s game . I submit that these are the kind of places we need in this fine city . Not more people , housed in tax abated property , with the increased costs of services supported by the rest of the taxpayers . If we are to pay for it , the city as a whole should get to enjoy it and that’s what the Armory and for that matter , the church , would provide . Make no mistake , I believe the historical significance , sacrifice and service associated with the Armory coupled with the opportunity to make it a “green ” working model of the future cannot be overlooked . That in itself doesn’t begrudge the NRCA’s cause , it actually helps it .

At the end of the day , it’s all about bringing people together to improve the city using what is right under our noses . There is absolutely no reason to give away our history just to add people who will shop somewhere else because they can’t take the traffic jams . If they’re not shopping here and their property isn’t paying it’s fair share of taxes , who really needs them ? You need to make it a place that people will come to ,just to spend their money while they enjoy what we have to offer. Maybe even stay a night or two , then go home . You can’t do that with town houses .

So , support the arts , but when it comes to the Armory , now pay attention , USE IT – DON’T LOSE IT !

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  1. false alarms
    avalon 1&2 get a lot of false fire alarms bob are they paying for this. you and would have too.

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