Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Cannot Sell His Larchmont Home

Written By: Robert Cox

It’s not New Rochelle (it’s Larchmont) but we’ve talked enough about the Case-Schiller Index that this video from Jon Stewart is funny, local and contains an interview with economist Robert J. Schiller.

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2 thoughts on “Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Cannot Sell His Larchmont Home”

  1. You would think he could afford to GIVE it away
    I’m sire Timmy doesn’t need to worry about it . How much money do you think he finagled when he was working in New York with JPMC,Stearns,and the rest . Imagine that , you take the guy in the middle of the meltdown , a focal point in the “good ole boy” network and Obama elevates him to the “head sheister” position so he could , what ?Cover tracks ? This is the ultimate corruption scam ever run . If I had his money I’d burn mine . To Bad Timmy ,as we say in New Rochelle , “just suck it up”

  2. Home Sales
    The only man in America who understands the economy does not comprehend that his 1.6 MM house is now worth 1.1-1.2 MM. And you thought he was getting us out of this recession real soon! Ha!

    J. Wagner

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