Monroe College Sued by Unemployed Recent Grad

Written By: Robert Cox

It is hard to imagine this is likely to help her find a job but Trina Thompson, a recent graduate of Monroe College, filed a lawsuit in Bronx Supreme Court last week claiming that Monroe’s Office of Career Advancement has not fulfilled their promise to provide her with job leads and career advice. This story has been picked up “coast to coast” as a classic “stupid lawsuit” story. At the very least, this is a classic “self-fulfilling prophecy” as not to many employers will rush to hire someone who sues their alma mater a few months after graduation because they do not get a job in one of the worst economic conditions in decades.

Kathianne Boniello has more on the story over at The New York Post.

The Monroe College grad wants the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn’t found gainful employment since earning her bachelor’s degree in April

I checked with the courts but was unable to find her case on line. I emailed Boniello to get the index number for the case. Once I get the filing I will link it here.

One thing I did find was that this was not Ms. Thompson’s first trip to the court house. At least, there are quite a few cases involving someone names Trina Thompson in New York courts. There are likely not all her but quite a few of them would appear to be her.

trina local.jpg


UPDATE: Further review indicates that a “Trina Thompson” and variations thereof has been sued in various New York cases by Con Ed, Brooklyn Union Gas, Capital Bank and various other companies over the past several years.

UPDATE: We were finally able to pull a copy of her filing in Bronx Supreme Court, apparently she had updated it on Monday.

Trina Cherisse Thompson v. Monroe College, The Office of Career Advancement

The filing contains this handwritten portion of the complaint:

trinathomson-handwritten note.jpg