Talk of the Sound Approaching 100,000 Mark

Written By: Robert Cox

Talk of the Sound gets about 500 unique visitors a day. We currently stand at 98,500 unique visitors since our launch last year which suggests we will hit the 100,000 mark before the end of the week. As some folks may not realize it, I wanted to point out that we make public our traffic data via SiteMeter. You can scroll down the right side of the page or go to the very bottom. You will see our traffic number.

Click on the numbers and it will take you to our account at SiteMeter where you can watch as we edge closer to the 100,000 milestone.

If you click around within SiteMeter you will see traffic trends, details on where readers are coming from (most come either directly because they typed in or via Google search). Most readers are in the U.S. Tuesday through Thursday are typically are busiest days, traffic drops about 40% over the weekend (as is typical on most web sites for obvious reasons). If you look at the 12 month data you will see we have experienced significant growth over the past year.

More on this once we hit the 100,000 mark. Keep watching!

2 thoughts on “Talk of the Sound Approaching 100,000 Mark”

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