Well Said Anthony ! We Can all Back THIS Up

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The information you are requesting leaves no room for redirection or obfuscation should that information be released to the public. Sad but true , I wouldn’t hold your breath while waiting for those answers .

Regarding the statement about the 2 million dollar surplus . Just what are we to imply about that ? Are the residents of Avalon secretly paying the costs of their children’s education out of pocket ? If we convert all of the housing in NR to senior housing wouldn’t we eliminate all “costs associated with the children’s education” ? Why , we could actually get rid of the whole school system and cut our taxes by 70 % (assuming seniors won’t have any more school age kids). Every family in New Rochelle is providing a revenue surplus by not having another child . Such a deal !

Isn’t it ridiculous ? Besides , the 2 mill dollar surplus fantasy is more than offset by the huge Tax abatement given to these sites , meaning we are actually getting nothing in revenue from the properties ? Approaching a BILLION dollars in development (Avalon 1&2 , Trump , New Roc) and the city is struggling . Revenues basically the same as pre development and this was true before the economic downturn .

Crazy ? Sure, and that’s what happens when you selectively choose data to represent a political position . You could state “when the Lofts at New Roc reach their potential, there will be another 100 children enrolled in Trinity School representing a 2 million dollar burden equaling a .6% tax increase from this building alone” . The Capelli group is actively using the schools to attract new tenants to the Lofts . How do you control who moves in ?

The information Mr.Galletta is asking for isn’t top secret , nor should it be . Transparency and a willingness to engage the public can only help all involved . That’s not to say the public should be making all of the decisions , however , shutting out public opinion and not accepting the chance to address fair criticism suggests an “I know what’s best for you ” attitude . Considering nobody is right all of the time , these questions are completely in order and deserve to be acknowledged , answered , and explained . Asking city leaders to explain their actions or statements is fundamental to living in a free society and not much to ask for when you think about who’s paying the bills . As a stakeholder , what’s wrong with asking to take a look at the “books” as it were ? This asks the question – should we be suspect of the data being presented by a city official ?

From an article in Curious Cat called Data Can’t Lie comes ” If there is a lack of understanding of data then people can manipulate the data (chose the data that supports their claim, use false data, mislead about what the data really represents) to support their “political” end.” You can’t blame the mayor for wanting to put the best spin on the state of New Rochelle’s affairs , but it’s a fine line between showing your best side and misleading the taxpayer . So let’s see the data requested . If the projects are as successful as we are led to believe ,they will stand on their own merit. If not , there will be more questions . It’s that simple . Perhaps if we get to look at the “books” before Lecount and Echo Bay and North Ave begin , criticism will become accolade . We can all get behind that .

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  1. the beat goes on
    look we have a situation here that requires little clarification. what it comes down to is whether the citizen wants to continue the status quo or reach out for something better. of course, the latter could be equally disappointing as power does corrupt and people who taste even a bit of it become enamored of their voice, ego and so, the beat goes on.

    the question regarding this particularly situation involves a straightforward statement from noam bramson that defies logic. a simple examination of the major occupants of the new housing downtown should suggest that most occupants are transient (especially in Avalon, probably childless for the most part and not amenable for any type of analysis that speaks to permanent occupancy and district growth. but, how would you know? noam’s statement on a 2 million dollar contribution is likely more than illogical — it is reckless and coupled with the school district’s prior acceptance of some nonsense that Organisicial sponsoered called a “demographic study”, we are even more mystified and, if a taxpayer, insulted by the enormity of sheer disregard and incompetence we face daily.

    we all know about abatements by this time, likely corruption in parts of the district or city; what we don’t seem to have is a citizenry who literally cry out for change; new administration, new council members, district officials, etc…. it literally is that simple and I would not at all be surprised if occupancy plans change in new roc center or if they remain as is. in fact any surface study of the suitability of the site for a large scale wholesaler or retailer would point this out. why would you come here when you could go to a more comfortable environment such as eastchester.

    we remain out of focus and I would urge all critics of the city and its various components to plan and execute a strategy beginning with , Jesus where did I hear this before, “change we can believe in.”

    You might be aware of the recently passed Cold War Bill that I had the privilege of working on with Amy Paulin, etal. A few days ago, I called the Assessors Office and they hemmed and hawed, claimed they needed more information from the State, etc. and indicated it would not be until 2011 that veterans would see some results of this bill in terms of their tax refunds. I let Amy Paulin know and we shall see if this holds up.

    Like Thoreau said, “simplify, simplify” so lets see if we can follow this advice by figuring out how we can be politically active despite party, even philosophic differences. A bad democrat and bad republican look very much the same to me. Lets try something new — politicians who don’t respond directly and truthfully, lets see what we can do to rid them of the “burden” of power.

    Noam is no worse than most of his predecessors — we need someone who can cobble up a strategy for this city that recognizes its unique character and issues. Know anyone? I don’t know Bruce Negrin, but hope he thinks about running for office. There have to be others. Character is more important than skill, openness trumps opacity every time.

    warren gross

  2. Simple solution..
    if you don’t like the city and you’re not willing to support the schools, THEN MOOOOOOOOOOVE! We don’t need you here nor want you here! GET OUT!!!

    1. Your simple solution IS destroying NR you dolt
      You seem to want to sit back and nod when asked to . Much like a pschycopath on thorazine . If that’s what you want for NR , that really is a shame . Through questions and uncovering the truth , the city will improve in spite of people like you , certainly not because of people like you . We wil be doing the work thatyou are afraid to do in order to make it a better place for all (even the likes of you) . No need to thank me now , the results will be their own reward .

    2. Bye-Bye Avalon, Trump & New Roc
      With that mindset, Avalon, Trump & New Roc should go since they don’t support the school system.

  3. “If the projects are as
    “If the projects are as successful as we are led to believe ,they will stand on their own merit. If not , there will be more questions . It’s that simple . Perhaps if we get to look at the “books” before Lecount and Echo Bay and North Ave begin , criticism will become accolade . We can all get behind that.”

    This is a very fair point. Work with us, help us see the light. if it is best for Nerw Rochelle people will stand behind it.

    As for the “surplus” comment from the mayor this is a semantics question. He is stating that all devleopment in New Rochelle has brought in a 2 million dollar “surplus” based on the number of children that are attending our schools (approx 48)

    So the surplus is according to the city is the money clrared after paying approx 20,000 per for the 48 students.

    I thought this was an odd way to phrase this especially on his show. But in looking at the numbers he is not wrong. I would have said that the development adds a 2 million net gain that is contibuted to the school district revenue. That would have made more sense and I do not believe would have ignited this mini firestorm.

    1. Wrong, wrong, WRONG
      The fact that there are 80 children destroys your theory. You need to have facts rather then misinterpretations like Lord Noam. I find it interesting that a Bramson Troll is explaining Bramson’s statement when Bramson couldn’t. It’s time for the shills to stand up and be counted as opposed to hiding in the shadows furthering the propaganda spewed by Boy Blunder!

      1. Back up Tough guy
        The numbers came from the mayor himself and he was wrong. That fact is proven. Even with 80 there is still a net gain not a surplus. It is not a shill it is an explanation.

        So, we now have 80 kids in the school system in buildings that are going away so what do you do now? The milk has been spilt but you refuse to stop crying about it.

        Instead of the shills lining up how bout you line up your crew, do something and vote the guy out. I’ll join you.

      2. What color dress for the pig?
        There is no gain what-so-ever net or otherwise. The school district gets nothing from Avalon’s PILOT payment and while an argument could be made for sales tax the school district gets nothing from sales tax. Looks like Avalon 1 should be paying almost $4 million in taxes of which about $2.5 million would go to the school district. Avalon 2 has many more apartments and should pay much more so there is no way in hell that there is a surplus, net gain or and other dressing you want to put on this pig.
        The mayor got caught with his pants down and can’t man up. That’s why his fantasy of becoming a wanna-be Kennedy is lost.

    2. Odd or Lie
      So we only count the number of school children and ignore the taxes they should pay like every other property owner in New Rochelle? Think about this, if there was a $2 million “net-gain” that wouldn’t cover the school taxes Avalon 1 should pay. It’s not about development it’s about RESPONSIBLE development. If we don’t learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them!

  4. The High School is already
    The High School is already one of the largest in NY State. At some point it becomes unmanageble. Where will the second High School be built?
    I am figuring if any land was available up North it would already occured…
    The High School is key, because if the current trend continues it become a real problem for realty values.
    There are security guards 50 foot on center protecting those who are teachable from those who aren’t. Although it currently is working add in a few hundred more students and it would be a problem.
    The System of Houses was created to skirt the population issue. Without some intellegent planning on the part of City Hall with regards to residential development it could all come to roost soon.
    Lets remember Bramson himself touted many if not all of these projects as not targeting buyers with school age children. Then contrast that to Cappelli’s ads on VOX and in the front of the Trump building saying how great the schools are. The Tax payers will have a huge bill to pay when the school district must add classrooms and the Mayor and City Manager will just say its not us we are only a small taxing authority. Its the ultimate schrug of the shoulders “Wasn’t Us”. This will compound itself with many forced to sell property becasue the school tax has forced them out. My question is How much room is in the schools for additional students?
    Where will new schools get built?
    And who’s footing the bill?
    The answers are- There is very little available classroom space!
    The where I have not a clue!
    But the who’s footing the bill is quite evident!

    1. Land for a New School
      Why don’t they enforce eminant domain on Ward Acres and build a school there. that is for public good.

      keepin an eye on the situation

  5. special education students in high rise buildings?
    There should be an additional question: how many special education students are in these downtown buildings. The cost of these students is much higher than the average for the city.

    1. Special Education
      That is a silly comment. So a special ed family does not move into the Avalon but Harbor Houses? How many are there adding to the cost.

      People are going to move into New Rochelle wether it is Avalon Trump or any of those new developments on Pelham road

      1. It’s about school taxes
        Yes people will move in but Harbor House PAYS SCHOOL TAXES, get the point??????

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