Your Tax Dollars at Work: School District Settles Yet Another Lawsuit

Written By: Robert Cox

The New Rochelle school district has settled the multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by custodian Robert Johnson over the infamous noose-hanging incident at Isaac E. Young Middle School.

Johnson, who is black, had reported that his supervisor Phil Carino, who is white, had hung nooses in an an office at the school during the 2006-07 school year.

Not reported previously — and left out of the Journal News story — is that Carino was allowed to quietly retire with full pension last March.

3 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work: School District Settles Yet Another Lawsuit”

  1. good guy
    im white i know rob for about 30yrs never had problem with him he always spoke to me.

    1. More lawsuit is coming,the
      More lawsuit is coming,the Board Of Education keep sweeping things under the rug. Changes need to made at all level,Custodians, Asst. Custodians,& Laborers,do away with Bldg check for good, waste of tax payers $$$.

      1. There is alot more need to
        There is alot more need to be done.Stop having cleaners and laborers from locking up school bldgs.
        Why school employee not wearing ID when on the job.

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