New Rochelle’s Forgotten Trollies

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lost_trolley.jpg Today I was running in Neptune Park as I have done many many times and noticed something that I have never seen before – trolley tracks. A quick Internet search revealed an NY Times article from July 1912 describing the network of waterfront trolleys that closely followed the coast. The New Rochelle waterfront has some of the most underutilized park spaces in Westchester but it must have been quite a scene when trolleys were bringing the party.

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  1. trolley or tram; helps the traffic jam
    nice report! jim killoran and I have pushed for a tram service ( yes it could be trolleys, but that comes with major expenses), not just for viewing but as a significant method to reduce traffice flow, congestion and parking issues. If you run such a service daily from north, west and east to midtown, you increase your opportunities to entice people to leave cars at home and patronage some of our excellent restaurans and hopefully, businesses present and future.

    i have been pushing this for two years, but our administration is blind to the potential. maybe if others pick it up — both for aesthetic appeal (waterfront) and business appeal, it should be a boonn to the city.

    this must go along with police presence; preferably a midtown mini-precinct. just read about a major robbery attempt by a dozen or so teens on the centre avenue bridge. this type of crime plus vehicle occupied robberies is not uncommon here. but, we always bow to the so called experts who think uni-dimensionally, not multi-purposed.

    get beyond rae’s discovery and operationalize it.

    warren gross

  2. Babrbr Davis’ New Ro Book
    If this interests you go pick up New Rochlle by Babara Davis. It shows the bustling New Ro scene back in the day

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