Jeff Hastie Spot Check

Written By: Robert Cox

DSC_0614.jpgAs the 2009-10 school year approaches, we wanted take a moment to do a quick spot check one Jeff Hastie’s campaign promises just in case he might imagine voters are not going to be reminded of what he promised last spring.

  • Re-open the top 10 contracts and renegotiate them.
  • Get parents involved in grant writing.
  • Partner with the city.
  • Create a finance committee.
  • Publish school board resolutions online prior to board meetings so residents can decide in advance if they want to attend a meeting.
  • Broadcast or web stream video from school board meetings.
  • Put a school board member on the negotiating committee (him) for the next union contract negotiations.

Any others that I missed?

While it is still early it is worth noting that not only was the contract with the district’s lawyers not reopened but was recently re-approved. On the other hand, new outside order has been hired, we have been told the board resolutions will be published on the web starting next month. So, one step forward and one step back. And that if you want to attribute the board resolutions being published online to Jeff Hastie’s campaign promise or two hour lobbying incessantly for the past year on this and other transparency and open government issues. Still, we’ll take allies where we can find them.

BTW, some readers noticed that there is no “Deidre Polow Spot Check”. My thought was “why bother”, the only thing I expect from her was a continued embrace of the status quo and that’s what we’ve gotten. At least with Jeff there is potential for some real change.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Hastie Spot Check”

  1. Polow spot check – you’re kidding right?
    If I was her I would be careful about spot checks . The only thing you could check is if she’s in the same spot she sat in at the last meeting . Other than that , it’ business as usual. Don’t worry Bob , there’s no news here .

  2. Perhaps he’s negotiating behind the scenes
    I thought it was to good to be true . Jeff did make some very progressive promises . On more than one occasion the crowd was informed about his experience and grasp of large budgets, and how to manage them. Change may be slow but he needs to get a move on . Little by little the powers around him will swallow him up . That’s not a commentary on him , mind you, it’s the nature of the beast . If he doesn’t jump out to a head start , he may never develop any momentum . Look how dismissive they are to Mr Lacher when he goes against the grain, and he’s “one of them” . Jeff , you need to strike first and hard if you expect to get anywhere. Otherwise you’re just like the rest and it would be pity to waste your term when someone else could have made a difference . Come out from behind D’s apron while you have a chance . Take a ride with her up North Ave. and you won’t get past the Wackygl parking lot. Take the higher road and you’ll ride the wave of support . Remember we’re waiting for your help .

  3. Send Jeff to 90 Beaufort, he
    Send Jeff to 90 Beaufort, he can REALLY clean up the mess over there. Tell him to “tank up” first, the smell is horrible.

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