Does the Trolley Ride Again? A Streetcar named “Inspires”

Written By: Deprecated User

New Rochelle’s forgotten trolleys may be part of the future trolleys of transportation in the Queen city of the Sound….in the past. Habitat for Humanity and So No New Ro, have run trolley tours around the city…The new urbanism is actually what the old urbanism was…when people can get a free or low cost trolley ride…around a city, then cars and parking are not the priority and more customers actually come downtown…The last time the trolley ran in So No New Ro and around the city it was called a STREETCAR NAMED DESIRES…I call it a Streetcar Named INSPIRES…like visiting Boston, San Francisco, or the St. Charles Trolley in New Orleans…the trolley brings people back and forth in a historic green ride into shopping areas and tourists sites…George Latimer came on the SO NO trolley ride and was totally impressed and has been communicating with Jim Killoran about possible purchase.. a developer on Pelham Road also contacted Killoran to see if he could sponsor it with support..for his senior residents who have a hard time getting into the downtown…stay tuned…if you are interested in getting on the Trolley Train of support…call 403 4821….(ps John Stephenson of Stephenson Blvd..fame, who lived in New Rochelle, designed the Streetcar)