Forest City Blamed for Deaths in Housing Units as Unhealthy Conditions are Exposed by Watchdog Group

Written By: John D'Alois

In a report from the Citizens United Against Corporate Corruption the Cleveland based developer Forest City Enterprises is being blamed for multiple deaths . CUACC shows pictures of mold contamination in over 30 properties either owned or managed by the developer. Among other accusations , Forest City is said to have used political influence at the congressional level to redirect investigation efforts and collusion with local politicians to suppress attempts to warn other residents of the potentially deadly problems . “Meanest corporation on the planet” , “very worst landlord in the country” , New York Press voted Bruce Ratner “villain of the year”, asbestos litigation , insider trading , all very serious accusations . Similar stories and more come from the watchdog group Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn and their reporting of the overbearing taxpayer subsidies, out of scale development , destruction of nearby communities and on and on . Good for New Rochelle ? You have to wonder about who will truly benefit from their latest version for New Rochelle’s Echo Bay . Even if only some of the reports are true , this city can’t afford to let Forest City decide what’s best for us when it’s apparent who will reap the lions share of any project they’re involved with. Good economy or bad , their model for development is always the same . Read the stories , get involved , sort the wheat from the chaff and decide for yourself . I’m convinced you’ll see there is a better way for Echo Bay .

5 thoughts on “Forest City Blamed for Deaths in Housing Units as Unhealthy Conditions are Exposed by Watchdog Group”

  1. 28 lies from Forest City
    Here’s a link to 28 lies from Forest City regarding the Atlantic City Yards project . Echo Bay is smaller so maybe we’ll only get 15 lies .

  2. more to come
    john you are onto something. i been slammin this developer for a long time. they are going to fold or back away, but the damage is done. keep doing what you are doing.

    people need to focus on these folks before tilting at the use of land/water rights. they will take shortcuts and even credit for the work of others.

    there is an election coming up. the economy will not be strong enough in november to support anything of substance from forest city. blame the local councilman and others who supported this white elephant. it is worse as john reports. these are shortcut people.

    great work john

    warren gross

  3. Echo Bay
    We DO NOT need more apartments in New Rochelle. Transient tenants do not add to the quality of life nor do they care how the city is managed or mismanaged. The design and proposal submitted by the developer is ridiculous. Why do our officials always let developers decide what to build? Doesn’t anyone in city hall visit other places by the water to see what other cities have done and what works and doesn’t work? Sarasota Florida, Ocean city MD., Pensacola Fl., Hilton Head SC. are just a few places that have done spectacular things with their waterfront….Forest City must have offered the largest kickback.

    1. Forest City Slumlords
      I’m the person from CUACC who did the website. Your information is not entirely accurate. But the important thing is Forest City is every bit as horrible as described here and I can use all the help I can get putting them out of business.

      Meanwhile we did a follow up website last week:

      Please note that all the pictures were taken from just one property. However, based on our links and other information we have every reason to believe most of their other properties are just as bad.

      The main goals right now, should be to stop the Atlantic Yards project and to warn the tenants who plan on moving into property in Gulfstream Park Florida.

      If if the stock market ever level off, we’ll try to get all their shareholder to sell again.

    2. Advice Against Forest City
      Hello, I’m a member of CUACC. One of our other members just posted something here too.

      Show the mayor here both of our websites. If he still insists on doing business with Forest City, notify him that people in New Rochelle will be informed he still wants to do business with that horrible company AFTER he was warned. I think he’ll back down then.

      No more communities should be ruined by these sociopaths at Forest City.

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