New Rochelle Has Its Own Share of Online Gang Activity

Written By: Robert Cox

Word has finally got out about gang members uploading photos and videos to the web:

The videos of Hispanic gangsters calling themselves Vatos Locos de Yonkers Barrio St. Andrews and Downing St 203 Raza Loca de Yonkers were posted on the Web site in the past month – in the same period that some southwest Yonkers residents have complained of rising crime due to budget-induced reductions in police staffing.

This is hardly news and hardly confined to Yonkers. Sources have told Talk of the Sound about online gang activity by New Rochelle gang members for the past year. Signs of gang activity on the web are easy to find.


In May 2007 a presentation was made to the Westchester County board of legislators.

After hearing these experts, it’s clear that there’s no single solution to the complex problem and that our best bet is more programs that focus on preventing a child from joining a gang in the first place.” County Legislator Bernice Spreckman (Yonkers), County Board Vice Chair Clinton Young Jr. (Mount Vernon) said the public perception that gangs are made up only of adolescents and young adults was incorrect. “The membership has gotten younger and younger,” Young said. “To prevent children from becoming gang members, early school-based programs must be available.

The report noted:

According to the Westchester district attorney’s office, there are 37 gangs in the county. Grascia said that many communities with gang problems are not confronting them. The number one recruiting grounds for gangs are schools,” Grascia said. “However, because of political pressure and public pressure, many residents do not want to admit that there are gangs in their areas because they want to present a positive image of their school districts.

Gangbangers on MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and other web sites are not hard to find. Google for “newroc” and “the 914” and you will find a complete archive of photos and videos of gangbangers flashing signs. Don’t kid yourself; these are not kids horsing around. Flashing a gang sign when you are not in the gang is a punishable offense and not done lightly. Here are a few links to get readers started in exploring the world of “new roc” online gang activity.


Mr. Misunderstood

K.G. Matter Fact Im LOCO (blood gang sign)

Mr. Misunderstood Photo


Young Money

Young~Ice Free Ruger Red Trizzy Bizz Fa$e Yaya


Ooops. Wait. I forget. Their are no gangs in New Rochelle.

Please ignore this post!

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  1. Martin sanchez has provided inside info here
    How could cox know about this without the help of a gangmember himself. Martin sanchez, a known gang member and antisemite!

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