Busted! Cell Phone Cops Crack Down

Written By: Robert Cox

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The always dapper Erik Rivera was busted for talking on a cell phone by New Rochelle’s finest — and he is planning on fighting back!

Getting pulled over in New Rochelle… For talking on my cell phone… Yet my new car has Bluetooth. Guess who’s fighting this ticket?

Ummm…good luck with that. He ought to chat with C.K. Sample about fighting tickets in the Queen City. Obviously Erik is not familiar with New Rochelle.

Erik would have known better if he was reading Talk of the Sound:

Recently, an internal review within New Rochelle Police Department concluded that the department was not writing enough tickets for driving while talking one a cell phone. During roll call, police officers were put on notice that they needed to step up enforcement of the law against driving while talking on a cell phone (note to teens: presumably that also includes driving while text thing). While many drivers will no doubt applaud a crackdown on reckless behavior while driving, the rank-and-file within the department were unhappy with the way in which the decision was communicated. Things came to ahead after the girlfriend of a son of New Rochelle’s Deputy Police Commissioner, Anthony D. Murphy, was issued a ticket for driving while talking on her cell phone.

7 thoughts on “Busted! Cell Phone Cops Crack Down”

  1. Is a Cell Phone Part of NRPD standard issue equiptment?
    Is a Cell Phone Part of NRPD standard issue equiptment? I swear everytime I see a cop driving in New Rochelle the cell phone is stuck to the ear. Cell phone stuck to the ear when driving past a double parker, stuck to the ear when pulling into “On the Run” parking lot you name it it is stuck to the ear.

    I cannot wait to see one of the bike cops talking on the phone next spring.

    As for the ticket, it is $100 bananas! You can fight it but the best you will get is a slight reduction. No points ticket

      1. Police Exempt
        Good, very important they talk onthe cell while driving. “Yes honey, loaf of bread, stick of butter…”

  2. Fine for talking on Cell Phone
    Does anyone know the fine?
    Also, I would like to fight my ticket. Is there a chance of getting off or a reduced fine?

  3. This is the most unrealistic
    This is the most unrealistic law on the books that nobody follows and I think the law should be repealed. Maybe our state Republicans can make this a platform issue and take back the senate. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    btw, I love this blog but I don’t see why I need to register but I guess I’ll have too.

    Anyone know if they’ve set the new equalization rate yet?

  4. Bluetooth…
    So what? Just because the car has bluetooth does not mean it was being used. If you pick your phone up to answer it or dial it you are in violation. Duh! Is there more to the story?

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