Henry Barnard School School Cafeteria Inspections 2006-2008

Written By: Robert Cox
  • Number of Inspections: 3
  • Number of Unacceptable Ratings: 0
  • Talk of the Sound Commentary: Pretty good but may be misleading because food is prepared at New Rochelle High School which is very bad, a bit dirty, peeling paint and improper surfaces but otherwise OK.

Henry Barnard School Minor Acceptable 2008
Inspection date: 4/19/2008

Non-critical items “blue”: Single service utensils stored food contact end up. Not permitted.
Non critical items “blue”: Food products shelf in dry storage room and dining area not smooth and easily cleanable, areas with raw exposed wood.
Non critical items “blue”: Cracked floor tiles, chipping paint at wall behind hand wash sink.
Non critical items “blue”: Temperature log available at inspection time reveals that hot are delivered and accepted at 130 degrees F., chicken nuggets on 3/17/08 130 degrees F,. meatball hero on 4/8/08 130 degrees F. Delivery temperature of hot foods must be 140 degrees F, and above.
Inspectors notes No cooking of food on site, food prepared at New Rochelle High School kitchen and then transported here. Temperature log of food delivered maintained.

Henry Barnard School Minor Acceptable 2007
Inspection date: 11/11/2007

Non-critical items “blue”: Food storage shelf not smooth and easily cleanable.
Non critical items “blue”: Wall behind one-compartment sink has chipping paint; walls in dry storage room have cracked and chipped paint. Dining room has cracked floor tiles.
Inspectors notes Food delivered daily from the kitchen at New Rochelle HS; food temperature checked prior to receiving. Temperature log maintained for food delivered, viewed during inspection.
Other notes Food temperatures in refrigerator acceptable at below 45 degrees F. Inspection of baked popcorn chicken procedure: Chicken prepared at New Rochelle HS; only accept at 140 degrees F. and above; hot holding: critical control point; reheat food within two hours.

Henry Barnard School Minor Acceptable 2006
Inspection date: 9/20/2006

Non-critical items “blue”: Soiled wiping cloths draped over edge of sink, not stored in sanitizer.
Non critical items “blue”: Paint peeling off wall behind single compartment sink.
Non critical items “blue”: Microwave soiled with food debris.
Inspectors notes All refrigerators are holding at acceptable temperatures of less than 45 degrees F. Permission to operate is granted with the condition that the “blue” items are corrected/addressed.
Other notes Inspection of ham and cheese sandwich procedures: No violations found.