Tax Abated Development ? Did Mr Fertel Read This? He Had a Tantrum on the Radio Monday

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If anyone had the chance to hear Mr. Fertel with Bob Marone on Monday, you would have had quite a laugh. It appears he’s losing it in the same fashion as his sidekick Noam is. How can anyone really take this guy seriously when he starts jumping up and down and whining about the people raising the issues about the failed policies of the city council? Except for bike paths and bike racks he hasn’t done much of any substance to actually help the city overall (unless, of course, your one of his personal friends) As my councilman, he was an embarrassment with his misrepresentation of what’s really going on, and at the city level, it was a disservice to the citizens who choose to take part in the direction of the city. Tell me Barry, who was on council when the latest PILOT or abatement was agreed on? Tell me Barry , should we really turn a blind eye to past failed policies and continue the irresponsible ,backroom, self serving , “hope I can get a bigger one than Tim Idoni did” kind of progress that takes 50 years to benefit anyone other than the developers, if at all ? You are WRONG Barry on so many levels (except the “I have to save my own ass” level). Looking back IS CRITICAL to moving forward, if only to do it more efficiently, let alone properly. It’s a joke the way you keep trying to portray anyone who disagrees with you as someone who should live in “yesterdayland” (you said it). If you took the time to listen to those who critique the city’s direction you wouldn’t have to resort to smearing and lying about them. Maybe they’ll take that tact with you. Nobody wants to go back to the 50’s. People want progress, RESPONSIBLE progress. Some of you at council are so busy chasing your OWN political agendas; you’re failing to serve in OUR interest. You can’t possibly find a way to develop without giving away the store? The morons at the IDA hand everything over without any concern to the developer delivering what he promised and you defend them? How many more extensions for Cappelli, Forest City? Aren’t you embarrassed yet? So you got your big buildings. To quote Dr Phil “How’s that working for ya?”. It’s a bipolar policy you’re chasing Barry ole pal. We need sales tax ,build newroc, they’re not buying stuff ,build taller, bring people with money to buy stuff ,nobody with money is coming -just college kids , build more buildings more people double income-no kids, they don’t want to live here – just more school kids to pay for, build some more- bigger -use eminent domain wait , now nobody’s building. It’s FAILED policy, get used to it Barry. Well planned development works in a good economy or bad because it was planned for the success of the city, NOT the success of its politicians. Failed overdevelopment IS yesterdayland Barry and there’s a condo with your name on it (take your pick). Those who refuse to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it and apparently you haven’t learned yet.

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  1. Don’t forget about District 5’s sudden redistricting
    When Fertel first ran for the fifth district there was an opponent nominated by the Conservative Party.
    Conveniently, the City Clerk managed to redistrict this candidate so he was no longer in District 5. The Conservative candidate was living in District 5 only days before for the school board election. Do you wonder why the people feel there is no hope for positive change in this city?

  2. Fertel a Noam Lackey
    Fertel is a Bramson wanna-be who auditioned for the position of mayor on WVOX Monday. IF Noam moves on Fertel is hoping to be appointed mayor much like Noam was appointed when Tim Idoni became county clerk. That’s why Fertel attacked everyone with roots in New Rochelle who knows what New Rochelle was and strives for New Rochelle to return her glory as Queen City of the Sound. Fertel fits the mould; arrogant, condescending and full of himself. Fertel has personality flaws and personal conflicts with St. Paul and Tarrantino because they dare to question him. He’s a mole who pops his head out when Noam or Maryann need reinforcement. Fertel will use his voting position to sway contentious topics to protect Noam from casting the deciding vote on controversial issues. Fertel can’t shine Noam’s shoes and Noam can’t shine Idoni’s shoes so goes the steady decline of New Rochelle. WAKE UP!!!!

  3. Barry was handed Noams seat
    Barry was handed Noams seat when Noam took over for Tim Idoni. He then runs for re-election unopposed.
    The voters in district 5 chose to support the policy of whatever Noam wants when he was elected. District 6 although Sussman ran against Negrin supported the same.
    Noam maintains a majority regardless of his poor choices to abate and Pilot the City into its financial position. You want to stop this ugly political stacked decks get your State Assembly members and State Senators to force DiNapoli to constrict local IDA’s and force those IDA’s to truly be independant of the will of the Mayor of New Rochelle by placing people on those IDA boards who are not City Managers and District 6 Councilwomen, and have them follow strict guidelines that force developers projects to meet narrow rules so the tax payers don’t get stuck holding the bag.
    Barry is guilty of loyalty to his buddy Noam we have a ceremonial Mayor who has way too much power and a City Manager supporting it as he likes his job.
    New Rochelle City Government is broken the system does not have any current checks and ballances. Let Noam Bramson be held to the results he has brought.

    1. District 5
      I guess District 5 is representative of Barry Fertel’s values. He is rude, obnoxious, unbelievably condescending, and could care less for the rest of New Rochelle. If people in the 5th district really care about themselves and thought honestly about New Rochelle, they would get rid of Barry. He was a goon when he was on the Board of Ed, but I guess you get promoted for being such in this day and age.

    2. Negrin, we could have used you!
      It is about time the spotlight has been shifted from mayor rhetoric, i mean Bramson, an the focus put on Fertel and sussman. Barry, the most thin skinned politician of all time owes his political life to Noam and the apathetic district 5. I hope he runs for mayor, I would enter that race just to debate hime and see him get all red faced. As for Sussman i think Negrin showed her up at least 2 times in debate but that does not count for much since a vote for mariane is a vote for Noam or so Noam probably told his minions.

      Get Negrin to run for mayor. He may not be experienced and who really knows what kind of job he would do but i would bet dollars to donuts he would be a staright shooter and tell us the truth and bring some common sense

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