Has anyone read the school district’s code of conduct of conduct booklet?

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Has anyone read it? I just read it and there was some questionable polices. Like in the “Acceptable use policy for technology and the internet 5550”

If you go to the 28th page of the the booklet it says “Computer and network users are strongly advised to use caution about
revealing any information on the Internet, or storing such information on
the School District’s computers or the network, which would enable others
to exploit them or their identities: this includes last names, home
addresses, Social Security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers or
financial institution account information, and photographs. Under no
circumstances should a user reveal such information about another person
without that person’s express or prior consent.”

What I think is wrong about that is, in a classroom with computers or going to a computer, etc.. Is that the teacher tells the students to type there first and last name, save and print. They tell us to save it. That to me is wrong and violating the policy. Which would result in the student getting in trouble if the network admin actually check everything, But it would also be the teachers fault for telling them, because all the kids except me don’t read the code of conduct.

Also with number 12) “Computer and network users may not engage in “spamming” (sending
irrelevant or inappropriate electronic communications individually or en
masse) or participate in broadcast electronic communications (such as
chain letters or other mass communications) unless they are supervised by
a teacher and have been given explicit approval to do so.” what teacher in there right mind would let the students spam the school. That would be violating number 14) in the code of conduct which states “Computer and network users may not intentionally disrupt information
network traffic or crash the network and connected systems; they must not
degrade or disrupt equipment or system performance. They must not
download or save excessively large files without the express approval of
the network administrator. Computer and network users may not add any
software or applications to the School District’s network or computers, or
add to or modify any existing software or applications, without the express
permission of the network administrator.” There is states that user should not slow down traffic (in lamen terms).

They need to fix all there problems.

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2 thoughts on “Has anyone read the school district’s code of conduct of conduct booklet?”

  1. This is a ‘non-issue’
    The code of conduct is essentially just a generic ‘policy’ manual with the same rules and advice that one can find at countless institutions, businesses, schools etc. throughout the country.

    Im not really sure what problem you believe to have found. Or why you are looking to raise and issue that just isn’t there. Perhaps it is just you who is confused by the manual and nothing else.

    1. I wouldn’t be too careful
      A school district’s code of conduct is a way for the BOE to police district employees beyond the normal dictates of the contract between the BOE and the union. It is important to know your contract in New Rochelle, otherwise employees might experience the type of persecution that Rye employees face (after three years without a contract)

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