New Rochelle Schools; Junk Food Paradise

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The Journal News Reports: State wants more curbs on junk food in New Rochelle schools

State auditors noted the district’s efforts to promote and serve healthy foods, but said the district needs to do more. The state suggested getting rid of high-calorie or low-nutrition vending machine items, including items that might falsely appear healthy. Some parents welcomed steps to improve students’ eating habits.

In the audit, the state asks the district to adopt a stricter health policy than the one adopted in 2006. The policy stresses healthy foods and bans the sale of candy and soda on school grounds. The district also hands out a list of recommended snacks for parents and teachers.

Hmm! Where is Dr. Weiss (Medical Director / School Physician) in all of this? Who chairs the Health and Wellness Committee?

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle Schools; Junk Food Paradise”

  1. Cauliflower and Carrot Pizza
    FYI — On the menu at Trinity Elementary last Friday was Cauliflower and carrot pizza. Most kids opted out and for PBJ sandwiches.

    I mentioned this at Pronto pizza on North Ave. on Friday night with my children. The proprietor said that cauliflower and carrots DO NOT GO with pizza AT ALL. Makes no sense.

    Anyway, at least they had a choice.

  2. Broccoli Pizza
    I think it is already over the top. My kids are scorned if they bring anything BUT a healthy snack. They are afraid to bring in low fat choc. chip granola bars! Give me a break.

    In the cafeteria there is broccoli pizza, which they hate, mostly because the plastic sticks to the cheese. Then you peel off the plastic and the cheese sticks to it. It is really unappetizing. I have seen it. They always ask, why can’t they just bring in pizza from Prontos?

    Then my son is forced to pick vegetables and fruits. He can not leave the line without having one on the tray. We eat veggies with dinner every night and have a bowl of apples in the kitchen here. But to be told what to eat like that, so point blank, is really crossing the line.

    Anymore policing would be ridiculous. I don’t know what it is like in the high school, but I hear they have a cappucino machine. Is that true?

    BTW my children are not overweight.

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