New Rochelle’s Avalon: Does the High Rise Get Low Ratings?

Written By: John D'Alois

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the impact of the Avalon towers in New Rochelle . Given all the criticism about the “deal” given to the developer and how it ultimately affects the taxpayer ,it’s no wonder that you start seeing things through a jaundiced eye. In an effort to keep an open mind , I took a look at the issue from both sides of the equation .

Were the concessions made by the city successful in bringing a quality product to our downtown ? I guess it depends on who you ask . For all the critique around the issue , there’s just as much positive spin from various sources , and there in lies the rub . After listening to both sides , I began to wonder what the residents of these buildings think about their little slice of New Rochelle . As luck would have it , a story revolving around Councilman Trangucci’s request to have the Avalons pitch in and help out the city that gave them their start , there was a link to a service that allows tenants to rate their properties. I have to say I was quite surprised by the candor .

For the Avalon on the Sound East people have written things like “this is just a fancy ghetto” and “The Avalon properties should be emabarrassed that their name is linked to this building” from shandy . Of the 31 reviews, only 9 would recommend the place . “Another party fight outside” ,”…drunk women shouting on the hallways,some kids are scared of them” claims another person with 5 others agreeing with the comment. Complaints of dogs , college partying , cars being towed or broken into , electrical problems , elevators not working , it’s all in the ratings.

For Avalon on the Sound , things appear worse. You’ll see things like “horrible experience in every way”,or read the one titled “Maintenance and customer service sucks” to read about the mold. Someone else posted “Unfortunately, I can only confirm the long chain of problems and negative comments raised by the previous reviews. The Avalon properties in New Rochelle have a lot of problems (I can’t speak for Avalon as a whole, but if New Rochelle is a representative example then this company is a mess)”. From “love it with reservations ” comes “when we had yet another false fire alarm – this one in the middle of the night – many people with children went out into the winter night – as children learn to do in school.”

I never thought about it , but apparently pets are allowed and with that comes certain “issues” that I’d rather not get into. This building is only recommended by 12% of the people.

I could go on , but I think it best you follow the links to the site and read what people are saying about their experience . Afterall , I’m just relaying what I’ve read. For what it’s worth, comments seem to have no relation to how good or bad the economy has been .

Unfortunately , this leaves me wanting to find out more about the true impact of these places . If anyone has anything else to add , pass it along . Perhaps we could call Mr Thompson for his insight into the problems our fellow residents are facing . Since he’s not going to help out our city , he will probably now have the time to clean up his own ratings .

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle’s Avalon: Does the High Rise Get Low Ratings?”

  1. Screaming drunks , urine in the hallway , Wow !
    People have told me about the partying and the constant police responding , but I thought it was just gossip . It sounds about as appealing as those subway stations that wreak of body fluids . Have you read some of the stories from these people ? Luxury living at it’s best ! There’s some pretty nasty stuff going on in those places and it’s all there for you to read . About time we get a chance to see what goes on behind the curtain of deceit and half truths being put out there by the mayor and his minions . Maybe Aman ali can write a story about it (ha ha ha ). How many police calls or fire dept calls to Avalon have there been ? The best part of it is , we , the taxpayer are subsidizing it ! NOW have you had enough ? The sooner we find out the truth about things , the sooner we can make our adjustments at the voting booth . Right ?

  2. Party
    Great links – Thank you. Over the last two years, the older Avalon has let go a number of maintenance people which would confirm the excessive mess, particularly on weekends. And yes, you are right, many, many college kids living in 2 or 3 BR apts. Obviously, living in a presumably “high-end’ apt cost less per person when you share the monthly cost. Hence, the parties on weekends and yes, we have heard on frequent visits by the NRPD. Does Noam Bramson or Chuck Strome have any comments on this?

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